Conte to the referee: ‘Have I insulted you?’

Inter coach Antonio Conte was booked after an exchange of words with match official Maurizio Mariani on Monday night, inspect the conversation.

Conte has been suspended for one match by the Disciplinary Commission as he was show a yellow card within the 1-0 convert Atalanta last night.

He was booked already after 11 minutes when the fourth official had drawn the referee’s attention to the coach.

Il Corriere dello Sport reports the conversation between the 2 , ending with Conte accusing the referees for eager to ‘be protagonists’.

Conte: “What did I say? I said he was pushed, did I insult you?”

Mariani: “Coach, can I talk for a moment? I came here calmly. We understand the situation: yours and mine.”

Conte: “But what situation?”

Mariani: “We each have our own role. It’s not a foul, OK?”

Conte: “It’s not a foul. It’s a push. Did I insult you?”

Mariani: “Is it OK or not?”

Conte: “Did I get angry? Then why do you come here?”

Mariani: “It’s not good: yellow card.”

The referee returns after having given Conte a yellow card and therefore the coach goes to the bench and says while he drinks water: “You want to be the protagonists, with all the good I want you.

“You have to show that you come to scold me. This you do because you want the attention from the camera.”

After the sport Stefan de Vrij reminded Conte that he was booked during the sport , watch the video below.

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