Lukaku accused of unsportsmanlike conduct

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been cleared of racism allegations, but both he and Romelu Lukaku are accused of ‘unsportsmanlike conduct.’

The Milan and Inter strikers clashed during a Coppa Italia derby on January 26.

Ibrahimovic provoked Lukaku, telling him to call his mother and do his ‘voodoo sh…’

Lukaku reacted and both strikers were booked, but Ibra’s words weren’t considered racist by the investigators.

As per and La Gazzetta dello Sport, both strikers were accused of unsportsmanlike conduct by the FIGC, with objective responsibility from the clubs, which suggests that while the clubs are liable for their players’ actions, they will not be punished for it either.

Both players are going to be deferred fo the FIGC, but they will settle a reduced sanction, as provided by the Sports Justice Code.

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