90min’s Greatest Footballers of All Time Draft – As it Happened

?You’re bored. We’re bored. Everyone’s bored. 

We’ve all been indoors for what seems like an eternity. We’ve all watched every Simpsons episode from season 2-10 about a thousand times. We’ve walked the dog a billion times. One day we even did a spot of cleaning. 

And now, we’ve run out of things to do. The boredom has come, and bah gawd is it boring. 

So in the search for new ways to stave off the boredom, we at 90min stumbled on an idea: 

What if we did a greatest footballers of all time draft? 

‘What in the Jesus is that?’ 

I’m glad you asked. 

Seven members of 90min team banded together last week to pick our personal GOAT XIs from carefully collated lists of the top 25 players of all time in each position. 

We picked these teams using an American sports style snake draft format – one pick per person in each of the 11 rounds, with the order of the picks determined via a random draft order generator. Here’s the order that threw up: 

1. ?Chris Deeley

2. ?Scott Saunders

3. ?Jack Gallagher

4. ?Toby Cudworth

5.? Hunter Godson

6. ?Ben Haines 

7. ?Jude Summerfield

And here is how the draft went down: 

Round 1

Diego Maradona

Pick 1 

Chris Deeley selects Diego Maradona

90min‘s number one greatest player of all time, so he had to go first, didn’t he?

Tooted and booted rating: 10/10

Pick 2

Scott Saunders selects Lionel Messi

Scott’s already won the Twitter poll…

Never scored a World Cup knockout round goal rating: 10/10

Pick 3

Jack Gallagher selects Franz Beckenbauer

A left-field pick from Jack, but because Beckenbauer can play literally anywhere it’s probably a good one. 

1974 afro rating: 8/10

Pick 4

Toby Cudworth selects Ronaldo

‘Which one?’ 


‘Ohhhhh right answer – good pick.’ 

‘Real/fat’ rating: 7/10

Pick 5


Hunter Godson selects Cristiano Ronaldo

It’s looking like a two-horse race between Scott and Hunter on Twitter.

Has a six-pack but can’t grow a beard rating: 10/10 

Pick 6

Ben Haines selects Paolo Maldini

Benjamin selects the most beautiful man on the draft board. 

Can also play tennis rating: 6/10

Pick 7

Jude Summerfield selects Pele

The second best player of all time dropped wayyyyyy down to the last pick in the first round. A steal of a pick for Jude. 

‘Hey ma look at me, I’m Pele’ rating: 9/10

Round 2

Zinedine Zidane

Pick 8

Jude Summerfield selects Zinedine Zidane

And another one! 

‘Siri play ?Coldplay – The Scientist’ rating: 10/10

Pick 9

Ben Haines selects Cafu

Picking his full-backs first is a rogue tactic, but it might pay off. 

Rhymes with Kung-fu rating: 4/10

Pick 10

Hunter Godson selects George Best

Hunter = closet Manchester United fan. 

Norn Iron rating: 10/10

Pick 11

Dutch midfielder Johann Cruyff dribbles

Toby Cudworth selects Johan Cruyff


Invented modern football rating: 10/10

Pick 12

Jack Gallagher selects Michel Platini

Morality aside, you have to say this pick is class. 

?’The guy I’m really looking for is Mr. Bribe’ rating: 10/10

Pick 13


Scott Saunders selects Ronaldinho

And Twitter cheers as Scott picks another of its favourites. 

Currently in prison playing football to win piglets rating: 10/10

Pick 14

Chris Deeley selects Franco Baresi

It’s hard to find fault in this pick to be honest. 

AC Milan fans like him more than Maldini rating: 8/10

Round 3

Pick 15

Chris Deeley selects Lothar Matthaus

Chris Deeley picks a man with an ego almost as inflated as his own.  

Ego rating: 10/10

Pick 16

Andrea Pirlo

Scott Saunders selects Andrea Pirlo

Twitter: ‘Three cheers for Scott!’ 

Drinks red wine rating: 10/10

Pick 17

Jack Gallagher selects Gerd Muller

Platini and Muller in the same team makes Jack’s team a ?something something. 

?Eat my goal rating: 10/10

Pick 18

Toby Cudworth selects Ruud Gullit

Toby has selected Gullit and now we’re all scared because his team is becoming quite good. 

Hates Alan Shearer rating: 7/10

Pick 19

Hunter Godson selects Eusebio

Honestly, I didn’t think Eusebio would be picked at all – never mind 19th overall. 

The first ‘e’ is silent rating: 10/10

Pick 20

FC Barcelona's captain Carles Puyol reac

Ben Haines selects Carles Puyol

Sticking to his guns here, Benjamin is building from the back. 

It’s not Carlos rating: 8/10

Pick 21

Jude Summerfield selects Mane Garrincha

Jude has added some much needed flair to his team that contains Pele and Zinedine Zidane…

Bent legs rating: 8/10

Round 4


Pick 22

Jude Summerfield selects Rivelino

…More much needed flair being added to Jude’s team which contains Pele, Zinedine Zidane and Mane Garrincha. 

Moustache rating: 10/10

Pick 23

Ben Haines selects Fernando Hierro

Back four: complete. Ben’s mission: accomplished. 

Played for Bolton rating: 10/10

Pick 24

AC Milan's midfielder Kaka of Brazil cel

Hunter Godson selects Kaka

Good pick from Hunter to be fair.

Loves God rating: 8/10

Pick 25

Toby Cudworth selects Ruud Krol

Ohhhhh so that’s what Toby is doing: he’s picking a Dutch team. Clever…maybe…

Terrible manager rating: 5/10

Pick 26

Jack Gallagher selects Paul Brietner

Another German who can play anywhere for Jack. 

1974 afro rating: 10/10

Pick 27

Scott Saunders selects Steven Gerrard

Twitter: ‘We love you Scotty, we do!’

Phil Collins fandom rating: 9/10

Pick 28


Chris Deeley selects Romario

Deeley loves those early 90s legends. 

‘I scored 1000 goals…swear’ rating: 10/10

Round 5


Pick 29

Chris Deeley selects Roberto Carlos

A Twitter favourite – smart pick up from Deeley. 

‘He must have a foot like a traction engine’ rating: 10/10

Pick 30

Scott Saunders selects Javier Zanetti

A non-Twitter pick from Scott! And bah gawd it’s a good one. 

Olay anti-aging night cream rating: 8/10

Pick 31

Alessandro Nesta of AC Milan

Jack Gallagher selects Alessandro Nesta

Franz Beckenbauer – Alessandro Nesta centre back partnership: delightful. 

Once took the ball off Messi rating: 9/10

Pick 32

Toby Cudworth selects Johan Neeskens

More Dutchmen for Toby. He loves it. 

Not Johan Cruyff rating: 5/10

Pick 33

Hunter Godson selects Andres Iniesta

Kaka and Iniesta together. Nice. 

Made Chelsea fans cry rating: 9/10

Pick 34

Ben Haines selects Gordon Banks

Ben is really sticking to his game plan, selecting a goalkeeper very, very, very early in the draft.

THAT save rating: 10/10

Pick 35


Jude Summerfield selects Socrates

Jude picks a player he can get cigarettes off. Great shout. 

Weird Greek Philosopher rating: 7/10

Round 6


Pick 36

Jude Summerfield selects Luka Modric

And Jack punches the table in disgust as Jude selects the player he had pencilled in for his next pick.

Raging Jude picked him before I could rating: 9/10

Pick 37

Ben Haines selects Claude Makelele

Ok, no one is scoring against Ben’s team. 

Better than N’Golo Kante rating: 10/10

Pick 38

Patrick Vieira,Sol Campbell,Fredrik Ljungberg

Hunter Godson selects Patrick Vieira

It’s just a fantastic pick. It really is. 

Big guy rating: 9/10

Pick 39

Toby Cudworth selects Roy Keane

Every draftee grunts in disgust as Toby picks Roy Keane – the man who could beat up everyone else’s team single handedly. 

Would start a fight with a bouncer in a quiet pub in Donegal rating: 10/10

Pick 40

Jack Gallagher selects Xavi Hernandez

‘I’m taking Xavi…ah dammit, why did I pick him?’ 

?The Curb Your Enthusiasm th?eme plays. 

Team = BROKEN.

Curb Your Enthusiasm rating: 10/10

Pick 41

Paul Scholes

Scott Saunders selects Paul Scholes

Another fan favourite for Scott…so long as he doesn’t play him out left. 

Ginger rating: 10/10

Pick 42

Chris Deeley selects Lilian Thuram

Solid. Solid. Solid. 

Now looks like a theology professor rating: 7/10

Round 7

Juventus midfielder Czech Pavel Nedved r

Pick 43

Chris Deeley selects Pavel Nedved

‘He was born in Cheb’ says Deeley as he makes a pretty damn good selection. 

Born in the town of Cheb rating: 10/10

Pick 44

Scott Saunders selects Sergio Ramos

All that pandering to Twitter ruined with the pick up of the man who made Mohamed Salah cry. 

Shithouse rating: 10/10

Pick 45

Jack Gallagher selects Hristo Stoichkov

A random panic pick at best – obviously still reeling from the disastrous Xavi pick. 

‘How in sweet honourable Jesus do you say that first name?’ rating: 6/10

Pick 46

Toby Cudworth selects Manuel Neuer

‘Ohhhhh he has a mistake in him!’ 

Literally everyone’s response to Toby’s round 7 pick. 

Has a mistake in him rating: 7/10

Pick 47

Italian defender Fabio Cannavaro celebra

Hunter Godson selects Fabio Cannavaro

Hunter selects the smallest man in the world to lead his backline.

Lives in China rating: 7/10

Pick 48

Ben Haines selects Clarence Seedorf

Everybody loves Seedorf.

Likelihood of cameo appearance in HBO show Ballers rating: 8/10

Pick 49

Europa Cup 1 final - "FC Barcelona v Sampdoria"

Jude Summerfield selects Ronald Koeman

‘I need a centre back that can score goals’, says Jude as he picks a centre back who can score goals. 

‘I need a centre back that can score goals’ rating: 9/10

Round 8


Pick 50

Jude Summerfield selects Gianluigi Buffon

The best goalkeeper of all time. Nice pick. 

Mid-life crisis rating: 8/10

Pick 51

Paul Gascoigne of Tottenham Hotspur and Paul Birch of Aston Villa

Ben Haines selects Paul Gascoigne

Noted Spurs fan Ben picks noted Spurs legend Gazza. Makes sense.

Football Italia host rating: 1/10

Pick 52

Hunter Godson selects Rio Ferdinand

Noted closet Manchester United fan Hunter picks noted Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand. Makes sense. 

Injured himself lifting the TV remote rating: 10/10

Pick 53

Toby Cudworth selects Gaetano Scirea

After picking a million players who lost World Cup finals, Toby needed a player who actually won one so he selected Juventus legend Scirea. 

Catenaccio rating: 9/10

Pick 54

Jack Gallagher selects Arjen Robben

He’s given up. He’s broken his team. There’s no way back. 

Perfect head shape for a bald man rating: 10/10

Pick 55

Gabriel Batistuta of Fiorentina celebrates

Scott Saunders selects Gabriel Bastituta

Swooping in before Deeley, Scott gets his man: Batigol. 

?Release the Kracken!!!! rating: 10/10

Pick 56

Chris Deeley selects Daniel Passarella

Another clever selection from Deeley. 

Brian appreciation rating: 9/10

Round 9


Pick 57

Chris Deeley selects Jairzinho

Less clever, but fun. 

Best Body on the Planet FIFA award: 10/10

Pick 58

Giorgio Chiellini

Scott Saunders selects Giorgio Chiellini

Ramos and Chiellini at the back = THE DREAM.

There Will Be Blood rating: 10/10

Pick 59

Jack Gallagher selects Dani Alves

Jack: ‘It’s between Dani Alves and Carlos Alberto…I’ll take Dani Alves.” 

Hunter: ‘Ah shite.’ 

Can open a beer bottle with an overhead kick rating: 10/10

Pick 60

Toby Cudworth selects Marcel Desailly

Like most of Toby’s team, Desailly can play pretty much anywhere so he fits the bill. 

Great smile rating: 10/10

Pick 61

Hunter Godson selects Carlos Alberto

Second prize. 

Scored a really good goal this one time rating: 9/10

Pick 62

Ben Haines selects Thierry Henry

The best Premier League player ever is selected late in the 9th. 

Renault Clio dealer rating: 8/10

Pick 63

(FILES) File picture of England's nation...

Jude Summerfield selects Bobby Moore

Jude shouts ‘Brexit!’ and selects England’s greatest ever defender. 

West Ham rating: 10/10

Round 10


Pick 64

Jude Summerfield selects Denis Irwin

He follows that up by singing Raglan Road and picking Ireland’s greatest ever full back. 

Looks like a History teacher rating: 9/10

Pick 65

Ben Haines selects Jimmy Greaves

Ben has finally picked a forward! Hooraaay! 

Pour Anglais rating: 8/10

Pick 66

Hunter Godson selects Marcelo

Second prize. 

Not as good as a Roberto Carlos rating: 10/10

Pick 67

Philipp Lahm,Thomas Mueller

Toby Cudworth selects Phillip Lahm

Not Dutch, but can play anywhere. Fits Toby’s bill. 

Pep Guardiola <3 rating: 9/10

Pick 68

Jack Gallagher selects Marco van Basten

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in! A late steal in the draft. 

Sleepers (1996 – starring Brad Pitt and Kevin Bacon) pick rating: 10/10

Pick 69

Scott Saunders selects Patrice Evra

He couldn’t get Denis Irwin, so he’s got the next best thing. 

Eats raw chicken rating: 10/10

Pick 70

Lev Yashin,Jimmy Greaves

Chris Deeley selects Lev Yashin

The fourth goalkeeper selected, and the only one to win the Ballon d’Or. 

Flat cap rating: 10/10

Round 11


Pick 71

Chris Deeley selects Marco Tardelli

For the celebrations alone, this is a good pick. 

Celebration rating: 10/10

Pick 72

Scott Saunders selects Peter Schmeichel 

There’s goals throughout Scott’s team…

‘It’s i before e except after c’ rating: 10/10

Pick 73

Jack Gallagher selects Dino Zoff

Couldn’t get Buffon, but Zoff will more than do a job.

?Jurassic Park rating: 8/10

Pick 74


Toby Cudworth selects Roberto Baggio

Toby selects Jack’s spirit animal…the spirit animal he completely forgot about. 

Ponytail rating: 10/10

Pick 75

Hunter Godson selects Edwin van der Sar

Solid but ?can’t dance. The 90min team in a nutshell. 

Played for Fulham rating: 8/10

Pick 76


Ben Haines selects Luis Figo

Another steal late in the draft. Benjamin finishes his team off on a high. 

Shouldn’t have won the Ballon d’Or in 2000 rating: 8/10

Pick 77

Jude Summerfield selects Djalma Santos

And with the final pick of the draft Jude picks…Djalma Santos. Who was a Brazilian footballer…this one time… 

‘Who the f**k is that guy?’ rating: 7/10

Be sure to keep an eye on 90min.com and our social media pages in the coming days (Twitter & Instagram) for the finalised teams, and a chance to vote for whose team you think is the best!


Selecting a Serie A Best XI – But by Only Using One Player Per Club

It’s fair to say we are living through some pretty testing times, and we all need cheering up.

That’s where we come into play. 90min has shouldered the happiness and entertainment levels of an entire population during these football-less weeks, and we’ve been coming up with some brand new ideas to put smiles on all your faces.

Ok, so first we made a Serie A team of the season so far, which was pretty cool. And then we put together a rad Serie A all time XI – using only one player per club.

But what about racking our brains for a current best Serie A XI, but with the same caveat of using only one player per club yet again? 

Aha, we have a winner.

Have a gander at the *ahem* not controversial in any way team that 90min has assembled for your eyes. 

GK – Salvatore Sirigu (Torino)

Salvatore Sirigu

Why is Salvatore Sirigu still at Torino? The Italian shot-stopper is one of the best goalkeepers in the league, and il Toro can always rely on him for a solid 7/10 performance. The 33-year-old is a commanding presence between the sticks, and he’s saved his side on countless occasions over the years.

A no-brainer, this one. Salvatore translates as ‘saviour’ in English – it was meant to be. 

RB – Hans Hateboer (Atalanta)

Hans Hateboer

Although it breaks my heart (and Josip Ilicic’s, too) the Slovenian can’t be squeezed into this XI, due to the lack of decent right backs in Serie A. ?FIFA 20 players know the struggle. The only man really deserving of this spot is Hans Hateboer of Atalanta. 

The Dutch wing back is an instrumental cog in this well-drilled Dea side, and he can be relied upon to chip in with crucial goals and assists, as well as telling defensive contributions. One to watch.

CB – Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli)

Kalidou Koulibaly

The 2019/20 season may not have been Kalidou Koulibaly’s best, but in fairness, no one at ?Napoli has really come out of this campaign in the best light. But on his day, the Senegalese star is one of the very best in the world, and that can’t go unnoticed.

It’s a shame that injury has hampered Koulibaly’s current season with Napoli, and the harsh reality is that this may well be his final year in Serie A, with the Premier League big boys closing in.

CB – Marash Kumbulla (Hellas Verona)

Marash Kumbulla

What a revelation this youngster has proved to be! It may only be Hellas Verona’s first season back in the top flight, but they’ve taken to it like a duck to water, and centre back Marash Kumbulla has been at the heart of their rise.

The 20-year-old has emerged as one of the brightest defensive prospects in Europe during his debut campaign, and elite sides are lining up to get a good view of his sturdy performances. A real talent.

LB – Theo Hernandez (AC Milan)

Theo Hernandez

This guy is one of the most exciting left backs in the world. Okay, so his defensive work can be a little suspect at times, but going forward, there isn’t a better full back in the league. Theo Hernandez has excelled during his first season in ?Milan and has become a real cult hero among the fans.

I Rossoneri need to buck their ideas up next season, or the French star may not be at San Siro for much longer.

RM – Dejan Kulusevski (Parma)


The breakout star of the season. From nowhere, Dejan Kulusevski exploded onto the scene of the 2019/20 campaign, and delivered performances of world-class calibre. The Swedish star has a magical left foot, and his ability to cut in and fire a shot into the top corner is Arjen Robben-esque.

The youngster has so much more to offer in his game however, with mesmerising footwork and an adaptability which allows him to play anywhere across the front line. And yes, before you ask, he’s already been hoovered up by Juventus.

CM – Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio)

Sergej Milinkovic Savic

After emerging as one of Serie A’s future stars a few years ago, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic then suffered a dramatic dip in his form, which calmed much of the talk surrounding his potential. But the Serbian has reached new heights with Lazio this season, firing them into a surprise title challenge.

The 25-year-old is a strong, powerful midfielder, who possesses an incredibly deft touch and a keen eye for a pass. He can operate just behind the striker, pulling balls out of the air with ease, or in a deeper role, enabling the likes of Luis Alberto to flourish. A majestic destroyer.

CM – Radja Nainggolan (Cagliari)

Rolando Mandragora

When Radja Nainggolan made the move to Cagliari in the summer, I’m sure a little part of him had this very specific XI (with one player per club) in mind. ‘Ninja’ is the easiest selection of the lot, as he stands head and shoulders above the rest of his Rossoblù teammates.

A combative, full-blooded and artistic player, Nainggolan partners Milinkovic-Savic in our midfield. Expect a few long-range screamers from this duo.

LM – Nicolò Zaniolo (Roma)

Nicolo' Zaniolo

A wonderkid. One of the most talented youngsters in world football, Nicolò Zaniolo simply had to be part of this team. It’s rare to find such a pacy and nimble forward player, who also stands six feet three inches tall, but Roma have unearthed that very gem.

Zaniolo’s season-ending injury against Juve came as a cruel blow to a star who was showing all the progress required to become a world-beater, but there are no doubts he can recapture that form when he eventually returns as Roma’s saviour.

ST – Lautaro Martinez (Inter)

Lautaro Martinez

No Ciro Immobile!? Are you crazy?! No, readers, I am not. Sure, the league’s top scorer would stroll into any normal best XI, but this is far from normal. And unfortunately, some giants must miss out.

In the Lazio star’s place, we have ?Inter sensation Lautaro Martinez. Although Romelu Lukaku has bagged more goals this season, Martinez has been the real star of the show, enabling his Belgian partner to find his best form with some brilliant and selfless performances. A genuine superstar.

ST – Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus)

Cristiano Ronaldo

This guy could be 100 years old, and you’d probably leave him on the pitch until the end just in case there’s a corner to be headed towards goal or a last minute spot-kick to smashed in. ?Cristiano Ronaldo is timeless, it appears, and he has carried ?Juventus to top spot in a season where they don’t really deserve to be at the Serie A summit.

A striker who can do it all, Mr Reliable Ronaldo completes our Serie A XI.


Diego Godin Criticises Italian Football Authorities Over Coronavirus Handling

?Inter’s Diego Godin has heavily criticised Italian football authorities for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although Serie A was one of the first European leagues to postpone matches, the decision to keep playing behind closed doors as the virus began to spread across the country was condemned by many sections of the Italian media. 

The 34-year-old defender, who is currently isolating in his native Uruguay, has echoed those sentiments.


Speaking to ESPN – as reported by ?Football Italia – the ?Inter defender said: “We were exposed until the last moment. They opted to keep going to see if we could continue playing, until the situation became untenable and the health system collapsed.

“We continued to play for several weeks, we continued training and played behind closed doors until Rugani’s positive test: only at that point did the campaign stop.”

Among the games to be played behind closed doors was Inter’s 2-1 defeat to ?Juventus, which Godin claims would have helped the spread of coronavirus. In the weeks shortly following that game, a handful of Juventus’ first team squad tested positive for the virus.

Godin added: “Surely there were other players in that game who would have already been infected so, in order to avoid taking any risks, they put all of us straight into quarantine.”


Italy announced on Saturday that the country’s death toll had risen by 899 in the previous 24 hours – bringing the total number of deaths to 10,023 – while the total number of cases in Italy hit 92,472. The country has the world’s second highest number of cases, behind the United States.

Despite the effect of the pandemic on Italy, the head of Italy’s Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina, has said he hopes Serie A will resume on 2 May, with the season finishing in July. However, with no real sign of the virus slowing down yet, these dates seem entirely optimistic.


Olivier Giroud Admits He Saw Himself ‘Far Away From Chelsea’ & Reveals Antonio Conte Phone Call

?Olivier Giroud has admitted he saw himself ‘far away from Chelsea’ during the January transfer window, as it looked set in stone he would depart the club in a bid to secure regular first team football.

Frank Lampard’s preference to field Tammy Abraham in the lone striker role had left the Frenchman without regular football, making a mid-season exit a likely prospect.

Even when injury left Abraham out of the starting lineup, Michy Batshuayi was often called upon to fill the void, and Lampard risked sounding like a broken record every week by constantly reminding reporters he was unhappy with his forward options.

With no January reinforcements incoming, however, ?Giroud eventually got the nod in attack and (shockingly) proved he’s actually a decent striker with a couple of ?Premier League goals in three consecutive starts. That prompted Lampard to retain the 33-year-old’s services beyond the window, even when it looked nailed on he’d bid farewell to west London.

“In January, I saw myself far away from Chelsea,” Giroud told ?Telefoot. “I saw six complicated months ahead of me. That’s why I had the desire to change scenery. I tried to leave in January. It was all done, but in the end Chelsea didn’t want to let me go.”

There is no doubting Giroud’s quality – even towards the twilight years of his career – and that was clear with the calibre of sides eager to secure his signature. Serie A and Premier League sides were on the lookout, but it was Inter’s interest that piqued the striker’s attention the most.

Olivier Giroud

“Everyone knows that Inter’s sporting project was the most interesting for me. Them aside, Lazio and Tottenham also looked at me. At one point, it was a question of where I wanted to play. I talked to Conte on the phone, he’s known me from when he took me to ?Chelsea: that was an advantage for me. In addition, Inter play in the Champions League. 

“They’re a great club. Lazio, for their part, tried absolutely everything, even coming to London to try something, but the deal was blocked. I also talked on the phone to Lyon’s President, who expressed an interest in me, but I told him that my priority was going to Inter.”

For more from Ross Kennerley, follow him on Twitter!  


Arturo Vidal Set to Finally Leave Barcelona This Summer Amid Inter Interest

?The drawn-out transfer sage that is Arturo Vidal and Inter may finally be reaching its natural end, it appears. 

I Nerazzurri have been long-term admirers of the Chilean midfielder, and their determination to enlist his services has only grown since his former coach Antonio Conte arrived at San Siro. But a move has never quite developed. That could all be about to change, though.

Vidal looked set to join Inter in the January transfer window, but a change in management at Barcelona meant that the deal was shelved, and the 32-year-old had the chance to play his way back into la Blaugrana’s plans for the future. 


?But ?Calcio Mercato reports that Vidal and Barça are ready to go their separate ways, and with Conte still desperate to add the former Juventus star to his team, a summer transfer looks to be on the cards. 

?Barcelona are in need of stripping assets from their wage bill, and given Vidal has fancied a move to Inter since Christmas, his departure seems to be logical for all parties. 

The Catalan giants will demand a fee of around £10-15m for the tough-tackling midfielder, who despite his advancing years, is still more than capable of competing at the very highest level. 

Conte is keen to bolster his central options with players who have already won trophies and have the experience of success, and ?Vidal has all the credentials to be the Italian coach’s ideal candidate. 


The Inter boss is also keeping an eye on Bayern star Corentin Tolisso, but since Conte has already worked with Vidal and knows what he’s all about, he is more likely to be the number one target. 

Barça are also willing to allow the Chile international to leave fairly amicably, hoping that the transfer will create a strong relationship with ?Inter, which they could then use in their chase for Argentine sensation Lautaro Martinez. 

The dream move is almost within your grasp, Arturo.