Perez wants to plunder the Inter: after Mou, the objective is Maicon

Barcelona has Dani Alves? Then Real Madrid on the corsia of right does not have to be from less. And who to the world is more hard of the blaugrana outside? The compatriot Douglas Maicon, obviously, holder of the role in the Seleçao. If Mourinho is between the candidates to the park bench of the Blanca House in the next one stagion, the next Galactico could be just the Brazilian of the Inter, at least second how much public Sport stamattina. Perez, scottato from the elimination in Champions League, wants to strengthen a corsia, that right, than with Sergio Ramos she has suffered too much up to now. It wants a champion to us of the role and Maicon answers to requirement demands. Moreover, if indeed Mourinho, as they support in Spain, the next year guides Real Madrid, it would be easier to convince the Brazilian to follow it. It is arcinoto, in fact, the tie between the two (slid summer the Portuguese defined the terzino only to the world in its role).

The first movement in the strategies merengues is to re-establish the relationships with the agent of Maicon, Antonio Caliendo, already contacted the slid summer for an approach to the negotiation. To find an agreement economic, considered the Madrilenian cases, would not be sure a problem, but Maicon has already made to know that in its head, today, there is only the Inter, and every speech of market must be sent back to the term of the season. It comes to ask, however, in that way will take to Milan the new courtship to the player, than to July compirà 29 years. Already months ago Moratti it rejected the coming onslaughts from Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid, therefore between some month thus it is not discounted that it can change idea. Than less not arivi an offer of those which they cannot be refused. Better cash in order to finance the next campaign acquires (is spoken about 30 million, but months ago were rejected 40…), probably, but considered the precedence (Cambiasso, Sneijder, Samuel…), if players in “esubero” arrived from the Real, certainly they would render the Inter still more fort.

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