Rossi: Inter is the strongest

Tomorrow evening Palermo will face the Inter veteran from the Victoria in Champions on the Chelsea but also from the defeat of friday slid against the Catania. The nerazzurri they return in Sicily but Delio Rossi, in press conference, does not make illusions: “This for we is not the game, but a game like the others. Not there is null of similar to the contest that the Inter has lost against the Catania slid friday, every challenge has a history has oneself. I only hope that Palermo you play from Palermo, because the Inter will play from Inter. We will have of forehead a square constructed in the time, also with economic efforts, much technique and much physical. It is for that the Inter is the square more hard in Italy. I hope that they have also of the points weak people”.

Delio Rossi has seen the Victoria of the Inter on the Chelsea, that it comments thus: “The qualification Is a reason of virtue for Italy of the Inter to the quarters, has held high the flag. We must be craftsmen of our destiny, they we will not be satisfied for what they have made London, because the Inter is a made square of accustomed champions to gain and to hold high the tension. If they will not succeed to absorb the euphoria for the Victoria with Chelsea he wants to say that they are not then thus champions”.

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