Inter-Sampdoria 0-0

They have been very the three expulsions during the contest, two for nerazzurri one for the doriani.

It is finished to inviolate nets according to advance payment of 25ª the day of Series To that to Saint Siro it has seen to face Inter and Sampdoria.

After before mezzora all calm adding, without great occasions on both the foreheads, to the 31 ‘ the carried out one: Samuel lands Pools launch in depth and receives the red one from the contest director.

Veementi the protests nerazzurre, than are added quickly to those for the admonition inflicted to Cordoba after, because the Columbian moves from the barrier before the struck one of the free kick.

The game is irritated and been to ollow itself makes them and cartellini. Carried out second Al 38 ‘ of the game: Tagliavento inflicts according to yellow to Cordoba, for it makes it store clerk to centrocampo on Pools, and the Inter remains thus in nine men.

In the resumption, the Sampdoria is re-entry without mordant and has been quite the Inter, also with two men in less, to play better, closing it crosses and not renouncing to try to hit.

Al 74 ‘ comes expelled also Pazzini, for double admonition, and the Inter has thus taken to greater courage, finding again itself with solo a man in less rather than two. And the occasion from more clamorous net is own of the Inter: to the 78 ‘ he is a Pandev possessed person to seed the panic in the trequarti blucerciata and to serve then on the Eto’o right. All the single camerunense it is made but to ipnotizzare from Storari and it talks nonsense I lean to the porter, eating itself a goal rather easy for one of its class.

A point for therefore, but a great injection of esteem for the nerazzurri, even if now will have to recharge the batteries, physically and psychologically, in sight of the bigones of Wednesday with the Chelsea in Champions… and it will not be easy.

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