Moratti about judges

Moratti maximum has not digested the heavy one barred of the Sport Judge on its square after the match with the Sampdoria. They are the 6 interisti disqualified in a blow single (Mourinho, Oriali, Cambiasso, Muntari, Samuel and Cordoba), a hard decision that it has made to lose the smile to the president. Intercepted from the “Gazette of the Sport”, the patron nerazzurro it has commented with bitterness the sentence: “Ago to laugh, roba a ridicule – Moratti has tuonato – I cannot certainly say that I expected a thing thus”.

Evidently they had been of the reassurances from the federal president Fir then not respected. The fundamental one left with the Chelsea is to the doors and Moratti not it feels if it of scaldare the minds ulteriorly: “There would be of things to say, and many, after this thing here… But we are to the eve of the Chelsea and my first thought cannot that to be that one protect the concentration of the square, avoiding ulterior clamour: we will even riparleremo some. Now I limit myself sentitamente ringraziare the federal president for the coherence quickly manifested after the telephone call that we have had Sunday. Reply indeed much sensibility regarding a square who must represent Italy in Champions League: it has made so that our eve was calmest and serene possible. Sincerely I did not imagine that he was thus careful and consequent to the chat, like it defines he, of Sunday”.

The Inter has already preannounced claim for the stop of Mourinho (3 days), Cambiasso and Muntari (2 days of disqualification), meantime the number one of course Vittorio Emanuele wants to only think next to the Champions: “I hope that the square succeeds to face the Chelsea without complexes, absolutely. It is a challenge at par and we will have to be good, this time, not to mistake the first separated one – it has added Moratti -. The reaction leonina with the Samp? It is a fact that relieves to me but to end in nine can also tire. However it can also be a charge psycology and give more courage to us when we play in eleven. As for Hush it prints is dictated from the will protect the square, is not made for protest: we tried not alimentary controversies before an important game. Hush a rispettoso one, than has not been understood”.

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