AMALA: the many special offers

MILANWomen, youngsters between the ages of 7 and 14 at the time of purchase and adults over 65 can buy a season ticket in the Primo Anello at a reduced

Furthermore, there will be special family packages available only for sections
K and Y of the Primo Anello Rosso and sections 149 and 151 of the Primo Anello
Arancione. Only Mum and Dad pay, and two kids between the ages of 7 and 14
receive free season tickets.

The price of a season ticket in the Secondo Anello Blu is less than one in the
Secondo Anello Verde since it does not include the derby; tickets for this
match can be purchased in the days that are designated exclusively for season
ticket holders in the Secondo Anello Blu.

The Terzo Anello Verde will not be available through season tickets; previous
season ticket holders will be able to purchase a season ticket in the Terzo
Anello Rosso through pre-emption only at the same price paid last year for the
Terzo Anello Verde.

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