Zanetti: "We must come out of this, together"

NAPLES – "The approach was good but at the slightest mistake we get
heavily punished and then it seems that we lack the strength to start
again." So began Javier Zanetti after the match when speaking to Inter

"We are here to talk about yet another defeat, for which I’m very sorry.
Things can’t continue like this. We’ve been talking for ages now about starting
again but we haven’t managed to do it. We take responsibility for this. We have
to roll up our sleeves and keep working. It’s regrettable because during the
week we work well, but in the match things aren’t going right," added the

"Now we have to start by winning one match and then thinking about the
others," said Zanetti.

"Losing to Napoli we can handle, but not so many consecutive losses. This
is the worrying part. We need to come out of this together," stressed the

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