Zanetti: "Tough game, Parma a compact unit"

PARMA – "Tonight’s
game isn’t easy to analyse. It was evenly balanced. Both teams were
aggressive in closing down the man on the ball to try and create a
numerical advantage so that we could create goal-scoring
opportunities. The two defences were very tight and they left few spaces.
The only move of theirs when we were caught unawares they went and scored from." That was Zanetti’s view of Parma v Inter as he spoke to Inter Channel after the match.

The Nerazzurri skipper
was asked about the fact that Inter always seem to lose after playing in the Europa League: "I
don’t think it’s anything more than a coincidence because in Europe
we’ve fielded lots of players who didn’t feature in the next league game. We came here looking to control the game as always but we found ourselves up against a very compact Parma unit and it turned
out to be a tough game. If we look at the last three
matches I
think both in Bergamo and against Cagliari it could have ended
differently. Tonight’s was the only one of the last three where I
think, perhaps in the second half, we slumped a little. In the other
two games I think Inter deserved a different scoreline."

"We mustn’t give up now.
There are lots of games left. We’re sorry because we’ve suffered
another defeat but we’re still near the top. I don’t think many
would have bet at the start of the year that we’d be in the top three
at this stage. We need to find the same balance that enabled us to
go on a great winning run and start another one going immediately."

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