Zanetti: "The secret, a truly united group"

MILAN – On the following day, Javier Zanetti spoke to Sky Sport Italia
by phone on the programme ‘Benedetta Domenica’. Many topics were touched on
from yesterday’s victory, from Andrea Stramaccioni and his relationship with
the team to achieving objectives, which some say could be the Scudetto.

"Winning in Turin isn’t easy and it was no small feat. We ran a
lot. The strength of the group is that we all feel important, we’re united, and
yesterday we showed it. Guarin came on later and was decisive in Milito’s
second goal."

The Inter captain was then asked if Stramaccioni is similar to José
Mourinho: "There’s no need to make comparisons. He’s following his own
path and doing well. He shows his personality in how he prepares for matches
and how he speaks. He’s doing very well. His first day? He arrived at a
difficult moment and in an intelligent and humble way he made himself available
to us. The group understood this and we finished the season. Then his position
was confirmed, and now we’re working with him. We can improve, but it seems to
me we’re on the right path. Have things been entrusted to us older players?
Cambiasso, Samuel, Milito and I are always exchanging opinions. We understood
it was a difficult moment and that all of us were needed to get ourselves out
of this, especially us ‘old-timers’. We started off on a new project. Some
important champions from our history left the team and it wasn’t easy to let
them go. We gambled on youth and experience to show we wanted to get back on
the pitch as top contenders."

After the victory at the Juventus Stadium enthusiasm is high and
"we have to manage it. We won, but that’s it. There are other matches to
play and our goal is to get to April and be leaders, continuing this fight.
We’ll continue marching forward and we know we’ll have to challenge great teams
like Juventus and Napoli in a balanced league. The Scudetto? I’m aware of the
fact that we’re a new team. We’ve taken some big steps, but there’s still a
long way to go. We believe because everything is there for us to do well, but
it’s still early. Anything can happen."

Finally, he closed on Antonio Cassano: "Who keeps an eye on him?
Nagatomo! All of us take turns. We’re careful around him," joked the
captain. "Last night he was very relaxed and had some words with the referee, but
luckily he came off. Otherwise I don’t know how things might have turned out
[smiling]. Joking aside, Antonio is happy and pleased to be with us and he
shows it on the pitch. He deserves it after what had happened to him

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