Zanetti: "Great courage, a typical Inter win"

"We knew that playing with three up top would mean we’d have to
work really hard but it was worth it," grinned Javier Zanetti after the match. The skipper was reminded of the criticism levelled at him
and Esteban Cambiasso around this time last year: "Us two got the brunt of all the criticism, I don’t know if it was because of our age but I’ve never been
afraid of running. I know that the day I no longer feel I’ve got it
in me and the team no longer needs me I’ll step aside, but for
now I’ve still got plenty of desire to keep going," the skipper stressed.

So what
does a win like this feel like? "You feel great joy and happiness because it was a
deserved win that we obtained after responding magnificently. It’s never easy to
come back in games like this. It’s a match that will remain in our hearts. I want to
dedicate it to my nephew Santi – he’s three and yesterday he had an
operation with a few complications but he’s ok now – to my family
and to Giacinto Facchetti. We showed great courage, it was a typical Inter win."

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