Youth Sector: one big family at the Accademia

MILAN – The "Nerazzurri Day", which is a sort of family reunion before the various leagues kick off, was held on the pitches of Accademia Internazionale Calcio, today at via Cilea 51. Inter and Accademia Inter, who play at similar levels, met up to play eight friendly matches (one in each category).

Accademia Inter, reigning Italian champions in the Giovanissimi Regionali (under-14) category with Benoit Cauet (and with plenty of other trophies in the cabinet, such as the Allievi Regionali U-16 title from two seasons ago), are one of the six teams closely connected to Inter. Thanks to the hard work of experts like Giuliano Rusca, Inter can guarantee the quality of the work in these two structures.

"In the training centres work is carried out Inter-style on young players who show talent and promise and who are constantly monitored and checked by observers, who then decide how to develop their individual skills to the utmost," explained Rusca, who is one of the highly esteemed maestros in Europe.

The Inter Training Centres serve to increase the range of players available to the Nerazzurri youth sector, and they come with the guarantee of the training staff, as well as the foundations and experience gathered on the pitches of the Centro Sportivo Giacinto Facchetti. The refresher courses and meetings that F.C. Internazionale holds for its Training Centres go on continuously throughout the season, as do contacts between the various clubs to exchange information and professional advice.

F.C. Internazionale’s other recognised associates are: F.C. Enotria 1908 in Milan, Suno F.C., Sarnico, San Giuseppe Piacenza and Accademia Como. These are ideal structures to introduce youngsters to football and to the Inter family and they hold Football Schools both in summer and in winter.

In this peaceful atmosphere amongst the applause at the Accademia in via Cilea play went on until 21:00. These are all the results of the day:

Pitch 1: Accademia 1998 0-9 Inter 1998 (11-a-side). Inter’s scorers were: Piscopo (3); Opuku (2); Braidich (2); Donnarumma; Riolo.
Pitch 2: Accademia "A" 2000 1-2 Inter 2001 (9-a-side). Scorers: for Inter – Troiano, Confalonieri; for Accademia – Spinoglio.
Pitch 1: Accademia 1996 1-2 Inter 1996 (11-a-side). Scorers for Inter: Baldini (2).
Pitch 2: Accademia "B" 2000 3-6 Inter 2001 (9-a-side). Scorers: Inter – Opoku (3); Sorrentino, Valente, Cacciatori. Accademia – Colombini (2), Fontana.
Pitch 7: Accademia "B" 2001 2-11 Inter 2002 (7-a-side). Scorers: Inter – Squizzato (4); Mangiarotti (4); Longo (2); Tordini.
Pitch 7: Accademia "A" 2001 2-3 Inter 2002 (7-a-side). Inter scorers: Moretti L.; Noviello; Prandini.
Pitch 1: Accademia 1999 1-1 Inter 2000 (11-a-side). Scorers: Inter Tchetchouwa; Accademia, De Maria.
Pitch 7: Accademia 2002 3-1 Inter 2003 (7-a-side). Scorers: Inter Pagani; Accademia Renault C. Renault G. and Berno.

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