Youth Champions League

The tournament will begin the season 2010/2011, ie the next, and involve the youth of the 8 clubs that exceed the first knockout round of the tournament which will begin in a few days. In short, an opportunity for international exposure for kids who aspire to become the champions of tomorrow. The first step therefore provides for the participation of only 8 teams, but the intention is to bring to 32 the number of participants, in order to organize a tournament parallel to the major. The baby Champions League, at least in its early days, will provide direct confrontation and return to the semifinals, which will be held in the same city that hosts the final of the Champions League. Semifinal and final matches will be played the week before the direct confrontation that will award the cup from the big ears.

Inter club for this competition could be a launching pad also internationally legitimizing the excellent work done in recent years for the youth sector, which launched the likes of Balotelli and Santon and gets ready to ‘bake’ other young champions. An important showcase, which will give the proper respect to the companies than investing money and focus more on the team, cultivate with passion the growth of their young children. Furthermore, it is an extra incentive to take into consideration one area of Spring, which was snubbed in the past too easily. Certainly in Europe there are clubs which have a unique youthful pink, just think of Barcelona which has built today’s success on the work done yesterday, but also companies like Ajax and Arsenal could have their say. Besides wanting to become a leading player with the team of Mourinho, Inter could therefore play a leading role at international level thanks to its young.


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