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Finally! Investigators dismantled Calciopoli 2: “And ‘Moggi guilty!”

A sensational turning point in the process of Italian football. Investigators, after hearing the buzz on Tuesday where someone had pointed out that Inter have started to shake, ensure that the adversarial system remains firmly in place. Indeed, to give an account of rumors that leaked in the sphere of power of attorney, the prosecution claims to have received from that audience even just a few points in favor. First, the new tapping transcribed by the consultants of Luciano Moggi and his defense has requested the file, according to the judges in the process do not introduce new elements that reduce the involvement of the former general director of Juventus, altrochè.

But, and here is the boiling point, even where the interception Facchetti, Spalletti and talk with other designators introduce key elements Moggi, since there is confirmation of the thesis of “so do all”, that contacts with the world arbitration by the leaders of society were a widespread phenomenon and not exclusive to Moggi. The prosecutor stressed that the point is not that. The calls have emerged in recent days are not like those of Moggi which tended to distort the results: it is one thing talking on the phone, another illegal agreements (which is the main accused in the alleged charges against them). The 75 interceptions by the defense indicated Moggi – and that certainly will be acquired at the next hearing on April 20 – that is not “anything moving”, so the prosecutor explained heat Giuseppe Narducci.

Then, to the delight of all the Inter fans who first FcInterNews of us had reported the scandal, prosecutors have examined over every interception, considered irrelevant, even the famous phone call ‘mother’ of any interception, that between Facchetti Bergamo and the name of Hill, and would have assured the magistrates, who in turn believe that they have acquired a known: it is not the then manager Giacinto Facchetti, on the eve of the meeting with Juventus, to make Hill name during the conversation with the designator Paolo Bergamo. So would the former Inter president, who died in 2006, suggesting to Bergamo to enter the name of the arbitrator in the grid (“put in Hill …”, the phrase was attributed to the consultants Facchetti Moggi). But the great news is another step: the process of Tuesday, Luciano Moggi for the first time acknowledged, albeit implicitly, possession of SIM cards for foreign conversations confidential. This would come to light from the same questions the defense of former Juventus director general when, during the colonel of the carabinieri controesame Attilio Auricchio, it was noted that he used Moggi caution but in order to talk confidentially to the football operations.

Therefore after the prosecutor asked the detective whether, as well as nominators and referees, but market participants appear to have used sim cards identified during the investigation. The officer had responded negatively. For public prosecutors, the fact is a matter of absolute importance, as Moggi has never admissions in relation to the issue of foreign sim. Prosecutors Giuseppe Narducci and Stephen Campbell meanwhile are at work in preparation for the next hearing. Not mutually exclusive, according to rumors, new initiatives by the investigators. The dust is therefore intended to dismantle.

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