Waiting for Prima Serata, Stankovic: "I'll sing"

APPIANO GENTILE – "If we win the Scudetto, I’ll sing!" This was what Dejan Stankovic promised as he – like his team-mates before him – was asked on Inter Channel‘s Prima Serata what he’d do should Inter claim the title.

"First of all we need to keep our feet on the ground, this is just the start. We had a few issues before but now we’re seeing the best of the lads. We must congratulate the coach, it’s great to see how the team is developing and it’s the right tonic for everything. I’m confident but I don’t want to be too bold: I think we can have a very successful season."

The interview continued with some questions from the fans, including what it feels like to play for Inter: "It means you’re different from the rest, it’s an honour to wear this shirt and represent this club." He then had praise for the Nerazzurri youngsters: "The club is working very well with the youth academy, I take my hat off to them."

From the youngsters to a certain Javier Zanetti: "Unbelievable, I think I’ll retire before he does!"

Stankovic then spoke about his relationship with his team-mates explaining that he gets on with everyone: "I’ve never had any problems. Who do I spend my time with away from football? Chivu and Wesley, we’re more than just team-mates. But, as I’ve said, I get on with everyone."

Deki then watches a slideshow of three coaches in the studio: Sven Goran Eriksson, Roberto Mancini and Jose Mourinho. Deki smiled: "Eriksson is a gent, a true gent. Mancio… I can’t sum him up in one word, let’s say he’s determined, hungry, he loves to win. Jose is the Special One, the number one. I improved under all of them, as well as under Zaccheroni. I owe half of my career to Mancio, while my game improved under Jose. He brought something out in me that I didn’t even know I had, an unbelievable determination. Even when I wasn’t fit."

Finally a word on Inter’s big week: "It’s a key week to maintain our good run and put a marker down for our opponents."

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