Ventura speaks: “The way? It is part of the past”

To debut in the league was able to surprise the fully taxable equivalent to the San Siro. But now that game for Giampiero Ventura is just a memory: “That match is now part of the past,” he said at a press conference today. Tomorrow night, the coach will have two non-white-red as important as pawns Almiron and Frog: “I hope it was only their characters, because even then Belmonte and magpies are equally valid.” “We must not get breaks – he added – because if there are any they can harm us. I just want to see the Bari I know, what if he wants he can. To be, however, must become and in this sense must Bari understanding that can be a leader.

Ventura on the final result does not off balance, “The draw would be a good result, certainly, but if a point does not change my life, why not play?”. Even a joke on reception of Bari for Mario Balotelli: “I think that Bari should applaud and not blow the whistle and will do so, I think we must be good to put him in trouble.”

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