Talk Mou: “The Bari? Worth three points, as the derby. Santon And I say …”

Tomorrow’s match against Bari has the same value of the Derby: three points, nothing more.” Here’s the first thought of José Mourinho at a press conference on the eve of the delicate match with the team tomorrow in Ventura. Biancorosso who earn the praise of the Portuguese coach: “The Bari is a team of great quality, fast, there we saw the first leg. The Bari are playing very well and deserves the ranking it has. We should be very careful, you a formidable team. ” MOU for tomorrow’s match found Cambiasso, Muntari and Santon, all available after injuries accused; Mourinho, however, reserves special words for another player: “My congratulations go to Materazzi, who barely a week after surgery works to return as soon as possible to the fullest. Congratulations to Cambiasso, Muntari and now the first workout. Santon improves but is not one hundred per cent, but still out Stankovic, Krhin and Thiago Motta. But we Balotelli, Quaresma and Milito Pandev they are well, I wanted to play with three players in front. Something is missing, but there we are. ” And speaking of Santon, for the ‘baby’ comes important advice: “If we now think of the World, now that it is still the holder for Inter, is wrong. He must think only to train well, make no mistake, first of all from the point of defensively, and only then can think of the rest, in the attack. He must find the balance, mental and physical, with the knowledge that I like and society, which is why we are desperately looking for a left back. We trust Santon. If you play well here, then comes the World Cup. ”

A comment on the situation of the Inter pursuers: “What I believe is that there are samples in January, because there is so much to finish the championship, so there are many teams in the running, having the chance to win the Scudetto. Even those teams who say they are not. I as a coach and as an optimistic person I still think we are strong enough to finish first in May, but that’s just the thought of coach of Inter. We have 45 points: excellent. A ‘very good’ that I expected, so I’m happy but not surprised. ” Balotelli on the new case, however, the Portuguese makes little: “I do not really like talking about Mario, because I have so often spoken well and took a step back, and back I happened to talk about it less well and immediately made a rather step forward. But today I can say that the yellow card which took in Verona was perfect. is perfect and when Mario is working for the team. Just like Pandev, that this mentality has it innate. ” Punchline speedy market: “I am not speaking of names and ask for nothing. And even cry. Never cry: If between now and end of the month comes a midfield player who can give us some more ‘balanced, great. If arrives, just the same. Even in difficult cases we have shown to have character. “

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