Stramaccioni: "Three-man defence an option"

APPIANO GENTILE – "It’s a solution we might look at." That was what Andrea Stramaccioni had to say
about potentially adopting a three-man defence as he prepared to face Chievo in
tomorrow’s Serie A clash. He went on: "Looking at our squad and the players we
have, it’s reasonable to think it might help these lads to give the best of themselves. Which of my centre-backs is best
suited to a three-man system? All five central defenders can play in a
back four or a back three. They give you the option of choosing between two possibilities. If not tomorrow then perhaps in the future."

The Nerazzurri coach was
asked if he has ever considered leaving out one of his three
forwards, and if Sneijder and Cassano might perhaps be incompatible. "There’s
no question of them being incompatible," Stramaccioni responded
promptly. "I don’t think Sneijder behind two strikers is such a far-fetched solution. It’s down to the coach to weigh up when to field them together
and when not to. I exclude this idea of them being incompatible. From
game to game we’ll look at whether to put out a top-heavy front

Finally, Stramaccioni gave a fitness update on a few of
his players: "Mudingayi and Obi aren’t 100% yet, I don’t think they
have so many minutes in them but that’s normal. How is Ranocchia?
He’s fine. He took two nasty knocks to the same spot but he’s ok."

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