Stramaccioni: "My romantic vision of football"

APPIANO GENTILE – "I haven’t seen anything so far in the league to suggest a pro-Juve bias, people took notice of what happened at Catania because there were two decisions which went in favour of one team, but I don’t think there’s any evidence pointing towards a pro-Juve sentiment aside from the match in Catania. In general I haven’t noticed Juve getting any favourable treatment." This is what Andrea Stramaccioni had to say when asked about the Bianconeri on the eve of Inter v Sampdoria.

"I respect everyone’s opinion but until this unfortunate incident I think the introduction of additional assistant referees has been positive. I’ve got a rather romantic view of football: the game’s great because it’s officiated live by human beings. At least so far, I haven’t noticed any decisions consistently going for one team or another. I like to think of football being refereed in real time, it’s a rather romantic notion I have, I’m not commenting on particular incidents. Yes, mistakes were made in Catania but I don’t think it was anything other than human error; these things happen. It’s too early to start talking about patterns developing in terms of decisions. How must Maran be feeling? I’m sure he’s really disappointed, of course. Catania would have taken the lead, it’s hard to take when you lose because of a poor refereeing decision, especially as they had done well to restrict the league leaders." 

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