Stramaccioni: "Moratti and I on same wavelength"

“Our target has always been to get back into the Champions
League and that means finishing in the top three. I’ve never talked
about winning the league but getting back into those top spots, and we’ll give everything we have to achieve that. Does that mean I’m not
thinking about the Scudetto anymore? I’ve never thought
about it seriously to be quite honest, because it’s only right that you should do things one
step at a time. Our target is to get back into the Champions League.”
That’s how Andrea Stramaccioni set out Inter’s objectives during his press conference today.

Moving from league targets to transfer targets, the
Nerazzurri coach was asked if Inter would be capable of finishing in
the top three even if no reinforcements were to arrive during the
transfer window. He replied: “I think so. Regardless of the various problems
we’ve had that have deprived us of certain players on the pitch,
compared to how we were last summer we’ve only lost Sneijder. Nothing
else has changed. I have great belief in what we’re doing and so do the team.
Have we been weakened? You weigh everything up at the end of the
transfer window, but as I said, compared to the start of the season, only Wes has gone.”

The coach was then asked about which other players might leave and in particular about Marko Livaja’s
future: “I’ll make a decision about Livaja depending on what I see and
what happens in the transfer market. I have faith in him and I’ll only let
him go if I think it’s really worth it. He’s perfectly capable of
doing well in Serie A.”

Stramaccioni was also probed about his meeting with president
Massimo Moratti yesterday. “Yes, we got together. We both have the
same aims, we’re on the same wavelength about everything – we want to help Inter grow and improve. As for what could happen between now and 31
January, I have full confidence in the president and our directors. The aim is to enhance the team. We already have an excellent group
here so if we are to improve we need top players. Anyone we bring
anyone in has to be better than what we’ve got already. And any painful sales we might make are entirely dependent on the arrival of other important players who can improve Inter. I use the word ‘painful’ because it would mean letting
go of someone that I’m fond of and who started this project with us. It
was the same with Wes. It ended the way it was supposed to end and that’s
fine. You have to make choices: if we think it will improve
Inter, we’ll do it. If not, we won’t. And regardless of who we have here
on 1 February, we’ll fight to the very end. Would it be better to
sign a trequartista or a deep-lying playmaker? What’s ‘better’ depends on
what you have and what there is going; there’s nothing ‘better’ in an abstract
sense. This is the mid-season transfer window when, if we can, we must
improve Inter by signing players who are good enough for Inter.”

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