Stramaccioni: "Moratti, a good president to have"

APPIANO GENTILE – During this afternoon’s press conference Andrea
Stramaccioni spoke openly about his relationship with Massimo Moratti and the club’s directors. And, once again, he fielded questions about the transfer market.

"I’m very happy with the
relationship I have with the directors. I’m in
constant contact with Marco Branca and Piero Ausilio. They listen to my ideas, which are
aimed at building an Inter side that is as functional as possible to
our plans, and this all goes on with the president’s supervision and
approval. I’m lucky in that I have a president who you can talk
football with, even about technical matters. I’ve always found him
very easy to speak to. I
obviously take responsibility when it comes to making the final decisions. No players have been signed that I
didn’t want, so it’s down to me.

"An understudy for Milito? There isn’t another
centre forward as good as Milito. Would we ideally have a player who can act as back-up for Milito as well as operate in a
wide role? It’s hard to find someone who can carry out the centre
forward role the way he does and do a job on the wing too. Maybe Messi or
Cristiano Ronaldo could do it… Quagliarella? He’s a second striker
who can also play as a wide forward. Lucas was a wide player but in a
four-man midfield. I haven’t come across any wingers who play in a
four-man midfield who can also operate as a target man. Palacio can
play wide or as a centre forward but not as a target man."

The ‘calcioscommesse’ scandal was another topic brought up
in the press conference, with Andrea Stramaccioni asked if he was
worried about Andrea Ranocchia’s position: "That’s a question that
has nothing to do with footballing matters. ‘Worried’ is not the
right word as far as I’m concerned. I can say that on a personal
level I’m extremely close to Andrea. I’m right behind him, we all
are, and we’ll always stick behind him."

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