Stramaccioni: "Juventus? Not thinking about them"

APPIANO GENTILE – During his pre-match press conference, Andrea Stramaccioni spoke about the improvement made by his side and how he intends to deal with the three games in a week Inter now face.

"I tend to look at what isn’t working,
that’s what we focus on. I don’t think a team that’s undergone so many changes can be the end product in so little time.
What I’m interested in is that we don’t keep making the same mistakes. The
mental strength and commitment we showed against Partizan were
excellent. If you consider that all the Italian teams struggled in Europe [this week], I think it’s ok that we struggled and won."

Is Stramaccioni thinking about the Juventus game yet? "We have
two other games before then. You can’t think about the third game
you have to play, that would be pointless. I take each game as if it
were the last. If you’re talking about the mini-cycle of a
week like this then yes, you do have to factor in the three games and you base your training, how much
you train, on that. I’m not thinking about Juve, just the fact
that we have three matches one after another."

Stramaccioni was then asked which reforms he feels are needed to
improve Italian football. "I think those are matters the people
who represent the club should deal with. I’m focused on the pitch and on my
team. I wouldn’t say we’re playing too much, because it means we’re
in Europe."

Finally, on a lighter note, the coach was asked how he feels about
being impersonated on TV. "I find it funny, it’s nice that they
imitate me, my defects, my language. I think it’s all done respectfully
and in a humourous way. It comes with the package. I guess I give
them ideas for it…"

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