Stramaccioni: "Inter have made good signings"

APPIANO GENTILE – "The club have done good work in the transfer market, bringing in good, hungry players." These were the thoughts of Andrea Stramaccioni when asked about the transfer market on the eve of Inter v Vaslui.

"These players fit in with my ideas. The proof is that Gargano and Cassano, for example, seemed to be comfortable with their roles after just two training sessions. Will we be making other moves? I can’t foresee any big changes, but we need to clarify certain players’ futures, first and foremost Maicon’s. What would we do if he were to leave the club? We’ve been clear on the situation from the outset, it’s not as if we’d find ourselves short. We’ve got Zanetti who guarantees you a good performance and Jonathan, but the issue is no one else is like Maicon. So we’d be delighted if he stays, if not we wish him all the best because he’s left an indelible mark on this football club."

The coach went on to add: "We’ve tried to put together a squad where we have two players for every role, the only question mark surrounds the right-back position, but we’re helped there by the captain’s versatility. Alvarez’s future? I’ve got him in my mind for one of the three forward positions, he’s been out injured and we’re waiting for him to return. It’s the same with Obi, a terrific midfield player. Are we keen on De Jong? That’s not something you should ask me, we have two directors who deal with transfers. Who would I like as my back-up to Milito? I’ve heard people refer to this all summer but if a player does come in, he’ll need to fit in with the way we play, otherwise the squad will remain as it is."

Finally, Stramaccioni was asked to comment on how well Antonio Cassano has settled: "I think he already knew some of the players quite well and Inter now have a very tight-knit dressing room, it’s easier for a new player to come in because there’s a good atmosphere about the place. From a tactical perspective, Antonio has already played there, so he fits into our style of play."

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