Stramaccioni: "A set-back, but only psychologically"

MILAN – "Yes, it’s a setback but only a psychological one and not one in
our game," that’s how Andrea Stramaccioni spoke of the defeat against Roma
at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. The first of the three Giallorossi goals was scored by
Alessandro Florenzi, a player that the Nerazzurri coach brought along in his
time at Roma’s youth academy: "He owes me a percentage… it seems to me
that tonight I helped him earn a bit more… He scored a lovely goal.
Congratulations to Florenzi, who brought himself along on his own however,
because he’s a good player."

Stramaccioni continued with the analysis of the match, saying: "I didn’t
like the decline we suffered. In my opinion we had the game in our hands. We
had kept our shape and were compact. We had also come back onto the pitch with
the right attitude… Then there was that strike of lightning, that deadly
counterattack that gave them their second goal… and after their second goal
things were no longer going well for us. It came down more to something
psychological than something in our game. Totti’s through ball for the goal was
important but it was also a mistake from us. And then we can’t let in a goal
like their second one and suffer so much psychologically. Also because things
had gone well technically. In the first half Inter played at a high pace and
were dangerous. There were positive things, but there’s work to do. In the
first half we attacked consistently and we were solid. Then after the goal that
made it 2-1…"

"I don’t like to make excuses," stated the coach when asked how much
Thursday’s Europa League match influenced this evening’s match.

Stramaccioni was then asked if he feels regret for the sale of Giampaolo
Pazzini, scorer of a hat-trick yesterday for AC Milan: "The situation was
all too clear; we had to focus on a striker and we focused on Diego Alberto
Milito, El Principe. The two of them couldn’t play together for me, and I don’t
think that Pazzini’s value was ever in doubt. And then, considering what we
could get for him, Giampaolo didn’t reflect the plans of the new Inter."

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