Silvestre to Sky: "Determined to bounce back"

APPIANO GENTILE – The Nerazzurri are raring to go again after last weekend’s break. Torino await Inter next Sunday
and Matias Silvestre spoke on behalf of all his team-mates when he summed up the mood in the camp following the recent defeat to Roma: "We’re determined to
bounce back and we want to do that straight away, this Sunday."

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Sky Sport 24, the Argentine defender continued: "It’s true
that we had a few problems defensively, but it should also be said
that it’s never easy at the start and that we had played lots of
matches one after another. This break has helped us to improve."

Silvestre then reflected on his own performances: "On a personal level, I’ve settled
in here very quickly. I’ve started five out of six games so far and generally speaking I’ve done well. You certainly haven’t seen the best of Silvestre yet, but
with time I’ll prove how good I can be. We can all do better,
myself included, and I accept my part of the blame. As I said, this
break has definitely helped us to work a bit more calmly."

Then, looking back to Palermo and his recent
past, Matias observed that "when you play for Inter you have more responsibility and I’m starting to realise what it means to part of this team." The defender declined to respond
directly to comments made by Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini
(‘We conceded lots of goals with him in the team, that’s why we
sold him to Inter’), but said, "I’m pleased with what I achieved
at Palermo. Without that I would never have joined Inter. I don’t
want to get involved in an argument. I’m proud of what I did there
and I think I left people with a good impression."

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