Serie A: first outing for Nike Maxim Hi-Vis ball

MILAN – The new Nike Maxim Hi-Vis will light up the pitches of Serie A: the high-visibility yellow ball will make its first appearance in Saturday’s early kick-off and will be used until February 2013.

The new Nike Maxim Hi-Vis will first be used in Saturday’s early kick-off between Siena and Palermo and will be the official match ball for Serie A and the Coppa Italia.

The 2012/13 Nike Maxim Hi-Vis greatly increases visibility thanks to its array of colours which combine uniquely to guarantee a terrific look, and contrasts sharply with the pitch.

Always at the cutting edge of technical innovation, the Hi-Vis ball features Nike’s RaDaR – Rapid Decision and Response – technology. Tested both in the labs and on the pitch, Nike’s RaDaR technology allows players to better see the ball and react instantly to make passes and score goals.

The striking design and mix of colours on the Maxim Hi-Vis create a luminous effect with plain-coloured strips, even in foggy conditions. This is a key innovation in the game with visibility such a key factor.

Aside from the innovations in terms of high-visibility which allows players to benefit from the world’s best ball, the Maxim’s geometric precision distributes pressure evenly across panels and around the ball for a consistent, accurate and powerful strike.

Other benefits include:

– Micro-textured casing which improves ball control by equalizing airflow over the surface

– TPU casing for great touch and durability

– Perfect sphericity allowing the ball to fly faster, farther, and more accurately

– A layer of polyester to strengthen the structure of the ball guaranteeing great performance and durability.

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