Scaroni hails ‘Milan Style’

Milan President Paolo Scaroni discusses hold-ups over the new San Siro plan, why the Champions League isn’t necessary and the ‘Milan Style’ of dealing with setbacks.

The chief spoke to reporters including Sky Sport Italia after announcing a sponsorship deal with BMW.

“Our budget doesn’t presume we have to qualify for the Champions League, but obviously that is what we’d like to happen,” noted Scaroni.

“We can’t win every game, but I above all like the style of this team, the coach and our management. We don’t go over the top when we are the leaders and we don’t get depressed when we are in second place.

“Above all, we never complain. We had so many injuries and COVID cases, but have you ever heard a word of complaint from Milan? No, that is the Milan Style, and it is a fundamental ingredient for our future.”

That should also include a rebuilt or at least restructured stadium at San Siro, but the project was stalled by the local council, who raised questions over the financial stability of Inter and Milan.

“The local authorities took some time to evaluate that the clubs have the necessary financial backing to see this through,” added Scaroni.

“They have until May to make a decision. There is a general consensus for the project, and the stadium could also be a big push for the city of Milan, which has been hard hit during the pandemic. A stadium is fundamental for us to return to the elite of European football.”


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