Sanchez calls himself a caged lion

Alexis Sanchez celebrates his two goals as Inter beat Parma and feels ‘like a caged lion, because the more I play, the higher I feel.’

The Chilean bagged a brace at the Stadio Tardini to secure their sixth consecutive Serie A victory and break six points clear at the highest of the table.

“It was a difficult match, as Parma did well, so did we, but we are fighting for the Scudetto and that we are on the proper path,” Sanchez told Sky Sport Italia.

“We do feel a positive atmosphere. we’ve to specialise in ourselves, staying on our path and keeping this up. Since we lost the Europa League Final, the team has improved such a lot . We’re taking those progress that we would have liked to become a winning team.”

Antonio Conte said yesterday that Alexis Sanchez is within the best shape he’s been in since he received Inter.

“I am a player with tons of experience, the coach trusts me and that i am happy. I always want to play and be at 100 per cent.

“I desire a caged lion and therefore the more I play, the higher I feel, that’s always been the case since I started playing football.

“I love this sport, i really like playing, and therefore the more I play, the higher I feel. We’ve all made sacrifices, worked hard, watching videos, studying, training and each day learning something new.”

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