Real Madrid, Bayern Munich & Inter Organise 2021 Solidarity Cup in Support of Health Workers

Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Inter are to organise a charity tournament, named the European Solidarity Cup (2021), with the intention of sending out a message of ‘solidarity’ and ‘brotherhood’ in Europe.

Spain, Germany and Italy have been three of the worst impacted countries by the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic, of course, also brought the footballing world to a standstill, although the Bundesliga became the first league to return to action last weekend – with the likes of Serie A, La Liga and the Premier League looking to follow suit, when it is safe to do so.

Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Inter are now joining forces as they look to create a sense of ‘brotherhood’ in Europe, while also thanking those on the frontline for their efforts.

Madrid took to their official website to announce the European Solidarity Cup, which will be played in 2021 and involve three matches – one each in Madrid, Munich and Milan.

The official dates will depend on the footballing schedule in 2021, while it will also only take place when fans are able to return to watching games live. Real Madrid will host Inter in Madrid, Inter will take on Bayern in Milan and the German giants will play Los Blancos in Munich. All proceeds from these clashes will go towards the purchase of healthcare resources in Italy and Spain.

Furthermore, in all three games, healthcare staff who continue to help combat the virus will be represented. The intention of this charity tournament is to show the heroes the three clubs’ solidarity, respect and gratitude.

Uniting not just the footballing world, but also the general public, this initiative is an excellent gesture from the three clubs to the health workers – and everyone else – that have risked their lives during the crisis.


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