Ranocchia: "Ciani held onto me with two hands"

Andrea Ranocchia gave his thoughts to Sky Italia after
Lazio v Inter: “Lazio made it difficult for us especially in
the first half. They showed they’re an excellent team, but we
responded magnificently after the break. A draw would have been a
fair result. The penalty that wasn’t given? Unfortunately
it always seems to happen to me. I’ve seen it again, it was as clear
as day, even clearer than I thought out there at the time.
Ciani held onto me with two hands and the referee had already warned
him about it on the previous corner. I asked the ref how he was able not to
whistle for it.”

The Nerazzurri defender also commented on the build-up to Klose’s goal: “I was marking him so I feel inclined to take
responsibility for it. I thought he was going to stop the ball but
then he shot first time and unfortunately he got there ahead of me.
It was a really fast attack though, Mauri only took two touches and we
didn’t have time to move up. All the same, Klose scored a great goal.”

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