Ranocchia: “Inter? Still don’t know”

Not there is alone Leonardo Bonucci as protagonist of Bariums of this season. Besides the former soccer player Pisa, also Andrea Ranocchia was disputing a championship to highest levels, before a accident will force that it to jump the proseguio of the season. The player, approached to the Inter, has been caught up from our microphones: “The nerazzurri? Sincerely I do not know still null, has not called me nobody: for the time being task to recover, is of Bariums till june and then I will return to Genoa. We see what will decide the presidents, but the important is that it replaces to me in form. They are content of this approach, the Inter he is champion of Italy and it plays Champions League, who it would never wait for if it”.

Mourinho is a vulcanico trainer
“Not creed or, is an intelligent person who tries to far away hold the players from the average. It would make it appeal to me very to be trained from he. To play with Samuel and Lucio? There would be much to learn, they are champions, two monster sacred. I can only improve”.

Besides the mister, Bonucci has ringraziato to you for the convocazione
“I can only ringraziar it, I have called it two days ago and I have said to it that it would have been first left seen after the accident”.

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