Rai2, Fassone: "Good football with books in order"

MILAN – "We’re
in for an extremely difficult game tomorrow but we’ve prepared for
it with great attention to detail, making the most of the break and
without getting distracted by games such as today’s," said Inter
chief executive Marco Fassone, a guest on Rai2’s Stadio
Sprint programme on Saturday evening.

"Andrea Stramaccioni and the
players are, and have been, 100% focused on tomorrow’s match, only
afterwards will we think about the other games on the horizon," the
managing director continued, before speaking specifically about the Nerazzurri
coach: "I haven’t known Stramaccioni for very long but I’m getting
to know him now and I appreciate him more and more. I think in many ways
he’s a mirror of this Inter team, which is growing as it’s rejuvenated. He’s still a young coach so he might lack a bit of experience but
he prepares for games very accurately, intelligently, carefully. He’s
created an wonderful atmosphere here and we wish him every success."

Fassone was asked to comment on Antonio Cassano’s exclusion from the latest Italy squad: "It’s
hard to get inside the head of Cesare Prandelli and know the reasons
behind his decisions, but what we have here is Antonio in a
very positive moment. He’s doing well on and off the pitch. I know
he’s a little disappointed, but from a selfish point of view at least
he was able to remain with us and train well, so that he can keep doing all the good things he’s shown us so far."

Moving from the pitch to the office,
how important is a marketing man at a football club?
How much is he influenced by results on the pitch? "A football
club is a very peculiar entity, you can have the best marketing man
around but if you’re not getting results… It’s a fairly recent figure here; in
other countries it’s quite normal for there to be more intense managerial
activity. In the future I think more and more
managerial figures will come in from outside the world of football."

Inter’s chief executive, having seen
images of Juventus v Napoli and Lazio v AC Milan on the screen in the
studio, was then asked to rate the performances of the match
officials in those games, considering his past as a linesman: "They were
good. Damato and Tagliavento did very well. There was a difficult
atmosphere in Turin, it was a complicated match, but
Damato refereed it well, as did Tagliavento his. We directors often
blame match officials when we might be better off looking at our own mistakes. Well done
to Braschi too for appointing them. Generally speaking, the
referees are interpreting the technical guidelines well and, compared
to the lack of dialogue and cold atmosphere we had immediately
after Calciopoli, the balance is right now. And you
definitely see things better when there are six of you."

Lazio president Claudio Lotito joined
the studio via phone and Fassone said: "I’d like to congratulate
Lotito for the consistent results he has achieved and for the way
he’s managed to combine success on the pitch with sound financial management,
proving it is possible to compete at a high level in football while keeping
the books in order."

The topic then moved onto the
considerable damage caused to Juventus Stadium during Juve v Napoli: "It’s a terrible shame, an appalling thing to happen. I’m
sorry it happened with Napoli fans, who always behaved impeccably
during the two years I was there. I headed the Juventus Stadium
project for eight years and I must restate that owning your stadium is
the only way forward."

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