Prima Serata, Ranocchia: "Inter, my priority"

APPIANO GENTILE – "The most difficult striker to mark? Milito!" Andrea Ranocchia responds to another question from fans as he appears on Inter Channel‘s Prima Serata. "It was always tough to play against ‘El Principe’ and even now in training he’s tough to mark."

Thoughts then turn to the national team. "It’s obviously disappointing when you don’t make the squad because being picked for the Azzurri and staying in the squad over time is an achievement, it means you’re one of the best players in Italy. But what hurt most was not playing here at Inter. My priority is Inter, if I keep performing well then the national side will come calling, if I deserve it."

Moving from the Azzurri to which players have been important for Andrea over his career, who he tries to play like: "Ronaldo, when I used to play up front, then Nesta when I became a defender: he’s an example both on and off the pitch."

He may be a defender but Ranocchia has an eye for goal: "Scoring a goal is an amazing feeling, and it’s something us guys at the back don’t experience very often. When it does happen though, you get a taste for it, it’s fantastic. Your team-mates come and pile on top of you and it’s fabulous. When will I score my next goal? Soon I hope."

In an hour’s time, at 21:00, catch the final part of the interview with Andrea Ranocchia on Prima Serata. Watch it in full on Inter Channel, 232 on Sky Italia.

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