Prima Serata: Ranocchia, crew cut and fly-fishing

APPIANO GENTILEPrima Serata is back on Inter Channel for another season, this time on Fridays. Guest on the show presented by Roberto Scarpini this week is Andrea Ranocchia, who we hope to see with a new look come the end of the season: "Milito’s said he’ll dye his hair blond if we win the Scudetto? Then I’ll shave my head!"

While we wait to see if he’ll keep his promise, the topics on the agenda range from who Andrea supported as a child ("my favourite team was Perugia") to what he enjoys doing away from the pitch ("I like fly-fishing"), before he spoke over the phone to former Nerazzurri team-mate Marco Materazzi, from whom he inherited the number 23 shirt.

"I’m happy to wear it. Matrix retired and so I thought I could continue where he left off. I didn’t manage it a great deal last season but this term I’m giving it my all," smiled Andrea. A few moments later it was Materazzi’s voice which was heard in the studio: "I retired so he could play," joked Matrix. "What advice can I give him? There’s not a lot to say, he’s showing what he can do, and this is the best way to respond. I know what a talented player he is, I’ve never doubted that, and now he’s answering his critics."

What aspect of Materazzi’s game does Ranocchia lack? "I need to be a bit nastier, responds the new number 23, Marco’s always telling me that…"

All this and a whole lot more at 21:00 on Inter Channel, 232 on Sky Italia. See the next excerpt from Ranocchia’s interview here on at 18:00.

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