Pinilla calls: “To work with Mourinho would be special”

It Inter tasted it already some year makes, when he was still 19enne: a little fortunate experience, concluded after two loans to Chievo and Celta Vigo before being yielded to the Sporting Lisbona. After along peregrinare, Mauricio Pinilla seems but to have found the just dimension this year with the mesh of the Grosseto, dragged to suon of goal towards the highest quarters of classifies of Series B. the South American forward, finally exploded, now is felt ready in order to face the adventure in nerazzurro newly. It in an interview to the Courier of the Sport reveals same: “I can only ringraziare the president Moratti and Branca because seven years ago have carried to me in Italy for the first time. If it had to be to us a new opportunity for me I will make of all in order taking advantage of it to the maximum this time. The Inter is a dream for anyone. However, now they are happy for being to the Grosseto and of being finally matured as soccer player and as man”.

On its traces there are tantissimi club of Series To, with Fiorentina, Naples and Genoa in before row; it asserts to think for the moment to make well with the maremmani, “but they are content that thus important clubs are interested me. I hope of being able to realize the dream that I had from child: to become a champion and to play in a great square”. The great dream is that one to work with José Mourinho: “I feel myself mature for a large one and would want to repay the society nerazzurra for the confidence that I have given in passed to me and that he is giving today making to me me to follow they give near. To be trained from the greatest trainer the world would be indeed special for anyone. Also because Mourinho knows to draw the best from every soccer player. But I would not want to dream too much”

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