Paolillo: “They are trying in every way to reopen the championship”

Ernesto Paolillo, Managing Director and General Manager of FC Internazionale Milan, was a guest this morning’s radio broadcast of Radio 1 “Radio Anch’io Sport ‘.”

Here are the statements of the leader Inter.

Dr. Paolillo: talking about the derby last night …
“It was exciting, fantastic, not only for the result but also the atmosphere in which it took place. Especially in the will to win for our players, which allowed us to do so against everything and everyone. This has to be said and it is better make these considerations when he won, because if you say when you’ve lost may seem an apology or wailing. But it seems clearly evident that there is something wrong. ”

According to the Inter of what is to blame the referee Rocchi?
“Yesterday you probably missed a lot from him. Let’s start from the first episode: Ronaldinho was completely booked (Mancini Lucio foul from behind on a race just started), I do not think there is a rule that says the first foul ‘s referee has to close his eyes. Ronaldinho was warned. And then the action that led to the expulsion of Sneijder, I’m not complaining of red to our players, but Lucio did not simulated and was not reprimanded in the action immediately preceding year. That yellow then led to his expulsion at the end of the race. Is that what has deeply irritated. I also believe that everyone saw on television the sentences and the animosity with which he addressed to the referee after Borriello action game and the referee did absolutely nothing had happened. Then applause has done in silence, which is fine, but the words spoken by Borriello should not apply? And that’s really unfair, absurd, uneven and everything we want. ”

What is it that you think is wrong?
“Look, things that do not go because there are so many absolutely clear air of wanting to reopen the season, not knowing the superiorietà of our very strong team on the field and wanting to reopen in a manner not entirely fair sport. We begin this short list, because I want to be brief, the decision to move the races when you want. I know that there is Article 38 of the Rules of the League which says that the games have not started or interrupted or canceled, must be repeated the next day. This is not the case with Fiorentina-AC Milan: it was an inquiry about why it was not played the game in Genoa (Mancini not played the same day), I am not no investigation has been opened on the race of Florence . It was moved to a date more than ten days, although this was not right, and then the race has been relocated. Then, a league game is not a wildcard that you can play whenever you want. A league game must have a certain date which will be recovered. All this, like it or you do not want, distorts the championship. In this air of wanting to re-open the game in every way I also see no expulsion of Bonucci in our game against Bari, this when the next day, rightly, a similar episode in Milan-Siena has caused a penalty kick for the Rossoneri and the expulsion of goalkeeper. Yesterday was penalized because Lucius had been reprimanded in the first half totally unfair. There is an air of wanting to put all costs in the championship game, but not because another team on the field deserves to reopen. ”

In any case, Inter managed to go far beyond the errors and arbitration should be made to note the tremendous quality has managed to highlight the first in spite of ten to eleven in the last 5 minutes, even nine. We hope to see an interaction so well in the Champions League …
“He’s absolutely right and I agree with what he says. But you see: I find myself driving a company in which there are professional players who train every week with great effort, can not imagine how carefully they have prepared the derby and other games, a trainer who works as a short, an area which we are focusing on youth and in which we teach that you win in the sport with loyalty, attention, coordination, attention and concentration. I also have to show these kids that we protect it, or I’d lose their respect . It is fair to say these things when you win, otherwise it’ll just look like whining. For the good of Italian football, when there is something wrong and too many episodes, it is good to talk about it. A team must always be protected in loyalty and respect of rules , shut up no good, or I’d lose the respect of the company for which I work. ”

According to her, then there is a risk that Milan will be helped by the Palace to reopen this league?
“No, I’m not talking about premeditated conspiracy. But favorites are still all the elements that can lead to the reopening of a championship, not even field and sports. It will be for a psychology that has been established, it will be on the air, it will be for the will to make it more attractive and interesting, but this is happening in practice.

Pero Sneijder will also wrong to applaud the referee, even though everything was leading to a warning that was not there?
“I did not say that Sneijder was not expelled. I said that if we use the same standards within the game, was also expelled Borriello.”

But from what you say could be inferred that the referee had come to the stage yesterday with a clear mandate to help AC Milan …
“I’ve said this, indeed I want to say that I do not think there’s quite a conspiracy. But that creates an air of psychological that leads everyone to believe in re-opening of the championship is there. And I already gave the example of the failure expulsion of Bonucci in Bari are usually calm, but these days are very angry, not because of errors arbitration, particularly for what has happened in the league. I see them disrespect. ”

Not believe that the bench of a great team like Inter, Mourinho in part, is a bit ‘too unruly? Let’s recommend a bit ‘more calm, do not you agree?
“I think that the advice should be listened to all, especially when they come to football experts as it is, in this case, Casarin.

Last night we saw the size of Inter football very important, what we see in Europe because Inter deserves this …
“I’d like to see this same spirit in the Champions League.”

How are things with José Mourinho? Time ago he declared that he would immediately a team was no longer coaching Inter, has returned this situation?
“He said something real answer questions and you have to think about the context in which he said. Believe me Mourinho is truly one of the few managers I’ve ever known and work with him is really wonderful. And do not say this because yesterday we won, but because with him it really works wonderfully well. “

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