Indonesia 2012: with us, not just for football

JAKARTA – Nature, history, tradition; a country that truly knows everything
about Inter and one that, through the colours of blue and black, we now have
the opportunity to discover together.

With 17,508 islands (of which only 7,000 are inhabited), Indonesia is the
largest archipelagic state in the world with an area of 1,919,440 km², as
well as being considered a transcontinental country, belonging to both Asia and
Oceania. With at least 150 active volcanoes, owed to its location on the edge
of three tectonic faults, it is subject to phenomena such as volcanic eruptions
and earthquakes, the last one occurring just over a month ago.

With a population of almost 300 million inhabitants it is the fourth most
populous country on the planet and boasts the most populous Muslim majority,
89%, while the remaining 11% is divided among Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and
Animist communities.

Jakarta, where Inter will be staying, is the capital and the largest city; a
huge metropolis congested with traffic at all hours of the day. Located on the
northwest coast of the island of Java, in a large bay of the same name, it
covers an area of 661.52 km² and has a population of 9.6 million people.

Indonesia is a republic and since 2004 the president has been Susilo Bambang

Under Dutch colonialism until the Second World War, Indonesia was invaded by
Japan during the conflict. Independence leader Soekarno headed a provisional
committee and later became the first president of the republic; it is to him
that the stadium hosting Inter’s matches is dedicated: the Gelora Bung Karno

The service sector provides the highest percentage of the country’s wealth,
followed by industry and agriculture, with the bulk of the country’s workforce
being employed in the latter. Indonesia has abundant natural resources such as
crude oil, gas, tin, copper and gold. The country also receives its share of
tourism, thanks to the more than 17,000 islands. However, 60% of the territory
is covered by tropical forest.

Rice is the staple food and is served with dishes of meat and vegetables. Other
key ingredients are spices, coconut milk, fish and chicken.

All of this and much more is about to unfold in front of the Nerazzurri, thanks
as well to the warmth of a nation of football fans, ready for a dream finally
come true: the arrival of Inter.

Toward Indonesia: Di Gennaro called up

MALPENSA – As scheduled, Inter have reached Milan Malpensa Airport after
meeting up this morning at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti in La Pinetina.
The group is awaiting the departure of their flight to Singapore, which will
then proceed to Jakarta, touching down tomorrow morning. There is one change on
the list of players that was released yesterday: the absence of Julio Cesar.

After consultation yesterday evening with professor Franco Combi, and thanks to
the significant benefits obtained by the new therapeutic approach, a decision
was made to continue with his rehabilitation programme until full recovery is
reached. Therefore a decision was made, along with Andrea Stramaccioni, to keep
the goalkeeper out of the tour of Indonesia.

In Julio Cesar’s place Raffaele Di Gennaro (shirt number 91), goalkeeper with
the Primavera team and winner of the NextGen Series, will travel with the team.

Indonesia 2012: already Nerazzurri fever in Jakarta

JAKARTA – The excitement is already boiling over before things have even begun.
Andrea Stramaccioni‘s team will arrive in Indonesia tomorrow, but Jakarta has
already become blue and black, starting with the airport.

There seemed to be a small slice of the Curva Nord inside Soekarno-Hatta
Airport in Jakarta this morning (still the middle of the night in Italy with
the 5-hour time difference) awaiting the arrival of the first Nerazzurri
delegation that preceded the team by a day.

There were no players in tow but there were stadium chants just the same, and
the nearly 400 Indonesian fans in attendance were wearing the team colours and
going as wild as possible. From the sea of team shirts and flags there came a
burst of applause upon recognition of Roberto Scarpini, the voice of Inter
voice that is present match after match, celebration after celebration.

At this point the numbers are expected to multiply considerably for the arrival of the
team, as are the chants, which the fans have already shown they know how to
sing perfectly – and at maximum volume. It’s sign of love for Inter at 360°,
beyond any latitude, longitude or border.

A party of 20 for the tour to Indonesia

APPIANO GENTILE – Andrea Stramaccioni has named a 20-man squad for the tour to Indonesia which begins tomorrow as the Nerazzurri fly from Milan Malpensa to Jakarta (via Singapore).

Goalkeepers: 1 Julio Cesar, 12 Luca Castellazzi, 21 Paolo Orlandoni;

Defenders: 2 Ivan Cordoba, 4 Javier Zanetti, 13 Maicon, 24 Paolo Hernan Dellafiore, 25 Walter Samuel, 34 Cristiano Biraghi, 42 Jonathan;

Midfielders: 17 Angelo Palombo, 18 Andrea Poli, 19 Esteban Cambiasso, 29 Coutinho, 48 Lorenzo Crisetig; 53 Luca Tremolada;

Attackers: 7 Giampaolo Pazzini, 22 Diego Milito; 81 Samuele Longo, 96 Giovanni Terrani.

Appiano: an hour’s training ahead of Jakarta

APPIANO GENTILE – Inter’s last training session of the season at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti lasted around 60 minutes. Andrea Stramaccioni and his coaching staff put the team through a session based on technique and tactics, with a number of drills on a small pitch. Young Nerazzurri players Ivica Ivusic (goalkeeper, 17), Samuele Longo (attacker, 20) and Giovanni Terrani (attacker, 17) joined the group. Just as they did last week, Cristiano Biraghi, Philippe Coutinho, Paolo Hernan Dellafiore, Jonathan and Luca Tremolada all trained with the first team squad.

Tomorrow morning the Nerazzurri will meet at Appiano Gentile. They will then transfer to Milan Malpensa airport before flying to Jakarta via Singapore.