Awards: "Le Ali della Vittoria" to Stramaccioni

ROME – "Le
Ali della Vittoria"
 is the
celebration of Italian amateur football, it’s the ceremony which, more than any
other, confirms the close relationship between the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti
and the heart of Italian football. The LND is at the core of a movement which
has positive values to convey. Italian football is a family which is trying to
pick itself up following the criticism which has rained down on it, and the
inquests which have undermined its credibility on the professional level. This
is the spirit in which president Carlo Tavecchio hosted the 6th edition of the awards at the
Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, in the Petrassi room. We mustn’t forget,
however, that a member of this big family is no longer with us. Piermario
Morosini is only the latest on the sad list that has claimed victims in
so-called minor league football, players who didn’t receive the coverage which
came with the passing of the late Livorno player. A memory, then, which will
embrace players and officials of every level who have left this world, dedicating
their lives to football.

"Le Ali della Vittoria" is
an award ceremony which was first held in 2004 and whose past winners include
some of the most famous faces in Italian sport. People like the Honourable
Rocco Crimi, Deputy Minister for Sport, state officials Petrucci, Pagnozzi, Abete, Vicini,
Albertini, Macalli and Valentini, Moratti as club director, Sacchi,
Prandelli, Del Neri, Zaccheroni and Ballardini as
coaches, players Muzzi, Corradi, Bazzani and Grosso, and Pizzul,
Palombo, Civoli, Scarnati, Bianchi and Moretti as sports journalists.

Aside from the appearance of the president of the Italian Football Federation
(FIGC) – man who always keeps a close eye on what is happening in the game
–  there was an even more important guest, as the 2012 awards welcomed the
FIFA president Joseph Blatter. Following UEFA president Michel Platini, the
head of the game’s governing body responded with enthusiasm to president
Tavecchio’s invitation and is back in Italy for the second time in eight months
after the opening ceremony of the Beach Soccer World Cup in Ravenna in

Last night’s edition, besides
honouring Blatter, also saw awards given to long-serving state officials, who
in their various roles, have given a life-time of support to grass-roots
football: vice president of the LND Antonio Cosentino and the tax advisor
Edmondo Caira. Aside from them, there were of course important figures from the
FIGC, politicians and experts, who help to make Italian football an example of
diversity and a game which is played in the right spirit: Damiano Tommasi
(president of the AIC) and Stefano Palazzi (state prosecutor). "Le Ali della Vittoria",
though, is essentially about the football played on the pitch and so it’s only
right that we celebrate the people who carry the name of amateur football, week
in week out, by working in close contact with youngsters. This is true of
coaches like Ciro Ferrara, an example for football lovers everywhere, Robert
Menichelli, who recently won an European bronze medal for the Italian 5-a-side
team, Massimiliano Esposito, the national coach of the beach soccer team, and
Andrea Stramaccioni, now Inter coach, but previously in charge of a number of
amateur sides. From the dug-out we move to the pitch where an excellent
prospect of Italian football is recognised, in the shape of Gianluca Sansone
(he also played for the national under 18 amateur side), the Sassuolo striker.
So too is the decorated women’s footballer Melania Gabbiadini of Bardolino, and
indeed the last line of the Azzurri defence in 5-a-side football, Stefano
Mammarella, voted best goalkeeper in the world. A key figure without even
kicking a ball, the international official Nicola Rizzoli won the best referee
award. Sport – and football in particular – would not be the same without the
media, who through their work are able to bring it to life. This year’s winners
were the head of the Gazzetta dello Sport Andrea Monti, the journalist from the
Corriere dello Sport-Stadio, Roberto Di Gianfrancesco and the radio
journalist Emilio Mancuso, host of the show, "La Politica nel

It was a great celebration of
football at the Auditorium della Musica in Rome. Andrea Stramaccioni, busy with
Inter preparing for the re-arranged league game against Udinese was represented
by Massimiliano Catini,
his long-time colleague and assistant at Inter.

Longo i Destro na meti

Službeno je pristiglo u petak posljepodne: Samuel Longo, napada? ’92god.,je pozvan u U-21 reprezentaciju od strane Ciro Ferrara. Longo, 8 golova u ovoj godini,ve? bih mogao na ljeto da promjeni sredinu. Kao što je potvrdio, ekskluzivno za, njegov agent, Renzo Contratto.

Longo u Reprezentaciji

“Zadovoljni smo, o uvažavanju gospodina Ferrare za ono što je u?inio i ?ini ove sezone.”

Plavi dres mnogo zna?i.

“Naravno za sada,a šlag na torti ?e biti prva mom?ad.”

Kakva je situacija sa ugovorom?

“To je u partnerstvu s Genovom i na kraju sezone ?emo odlu?iti njegovu budu?nost”.

Koliko klubova poziva Longa?

“Ja samo kažem postoji mnogo zahtjeva, ?ak i iz A klubova.”

Mi zatvaramo sa Destrom.Preziosi je kazao kako ?e se vratiti i igrati u Genovi.

“Dje?ak je predodre?en za veliki klub.”

Oporavak Samuela, Chivu i Zanetti na terapiju

Jutros su po?ele pripreme za prvenstvu utakmicu s Udineseom, srijeda, 25 travnja na “Friuliu” (15 sati). U prvoj skupini Intera uglavnom igra?i korišteni u utakmici protiv Fiorentine, regenerativni program (sportska dvorana i bazen). U drugoj skupini, ostali igra?i na raspolaganju, uklju?uju?i i Marco Davide Faraonia,koji nije mogao odgovoriti na poziv Nacionalne U 21 mom?adi za prijateljsku utakmicu u Škotskoj. Igra?i iz Primavere ; napada? Marko Livaja (’93) i vratar Ivica Ivuši? (’95)

Za Cristian Chivua i Javier Zanettia terapija i fizioterapija. Za Walter Samuel opsežan program oporavka. Za Luc Castaignosa puni program oporavka u teretani.

Appiano: in groups before Udine

APPIANO GENTILE – It was a session divided into groups this morning for Inter,
who began preparing for the rescheduled league match against Udinese to take
place on Wednesday 25 April at the Stadio Friuli (kick-off at 15:00). The first
group, consisting of the Nerazzurri players who were the most utilised in
Florence, took part in a regeneration programme (gym and swimming pool). The
second group consisted of the other available players; among which was Marco
Davide Faraoni who, for demands of the team, did not make the trip to Scotland
for the friendly with Italy’s U-21 team. Also training in the second group were
forward Marko Livaja (’93) and goalkeeper Ivica Ivusic (’95).

Cristian Chivu and Javier Zanetti had treatment and physiotherapy. Walter
Samuel underwent a complete programme on the pitch for competitive recovery.
Luc Castaignos underwent a complete programme in the gym for competitive

Tomorrow morning, again at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti in La Pinetina,
there will be a final workout followed by the press conference with Andrea
Stramaccioni (beginning at 12:30, live on and Inter Channel) and in
the afternoon the team will depart for Udine.

Appiano: on the pitch before Udine

APPIANO GENTILE – Having returned from Florence late yesterday afternoon, Inter have now stepped back onto the pitch at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti in La Pinetina for their first training session ahead of the rescheduled Week 33 match of the 2011/12 Serie A season on Wednesday 25 April at the Stadio Friuli (kick-off at 15:00).

Tomorrow, again here in Appiano, there will be a final training session before the team’s departure to Udine.