Inter Campus Poland: travelling with us

KRAKOW – Inter Campus has been active for ten years in Krakow, a wonderful city
that will host matches in the 2012 European Championship. In recent years Inter
Campus has been busy promoting sporting activity against
alcoholism and juvenile delinquency, and the integration of children at risk of marginalisation.

The arrival of our delegation, consisting of myself and two coaches, Roberto
Picardi and Sergio Maraia, opened the second seasonal visit to the country.
Roberto and Sergio conducted numerous training sessions with great sensitivity
and technical competence. The sessions were marked by heavy rain – which
accompanied us throughout the duration of the visit – and lots of fun. It also
boasted maximum participation of children and interest from local coaches.

This return to Polish soil was particularly full of expectations, because of our desire to see all the children of Inter Campus again at the parish of Saint
Hedwig, as well as those of the two new centres that were activated during the
previous visit: the Dom Dziecka orphanage ( in the
Jewish neighbourhood of Kazimierz and the juvenile reformatory of Pogotowie
Opieku_Cze (

The aim of the visit was to consolidate sporting activity within these
institutions, making it consistent through training sessions structured
according to different requirements, thanks to the commitment and coaching
expertise that have been reached over the years by the project’s instructors.
After our departure it will be up to them to manage the sporting activities,
assisted by the institutions’ operators, who will receive the necessary
training to become instructors themselves.

During this visit another nucleus was also started up in Sieborowice, 20
kilometres from Krakow, in an institution for minors
( The structure takes shape as a community
with family dimensions, with educational and rehabilitation goals, designed to
accommodate children from birth through the age of 18. After an intense
training session, we were invited inside the house where the boys and girls
prepared a typical Polish lunch before everyone headed out to the pitch
together and where our representative, Olek Kawiorski, organised a day of
celebration. This day was an exception, with brilliant spring sunshine. The 60
children of the new projects were welcomed by approximately 250 children in the
city neighbourhood of Saint Hedwig and, all together on their pitch, a mini
recreational tournament was held.

The week passed quickly and we returned to Italy full of emotion and joy that
come from the enthusiasm of our children and this rewarding work.

Christian Valerio

Izjave nakon utakmice sa Fiorentinom


Govore?i za Inter Channel, Javier Zanetti je tražio izmjenu na poluvremenu zbog njegovog zdravstvenog stanja. “Osje?ao sam nelagodu u ljevom bedrenom miši?u”, rekao je kapetan. “Ovaj tjedan sam osjetio malu bol u Ahilovoj tetivi, a može biti da je i ova povreda, došla sa tim problemom. Ja ?u uraditi magnetnu rezonasu i nadamo se da ?e biti dobro, ja ?u u?initi sve da budem na utakmici u srijedu.”


“Nadam se da ?e Andrea Stramaccioni ostati s nama.” Rekao je za Inter Channel, Julio Cesar, vratar Intera koji je odbranio jedanaesterac u Firenci. “On ima pozitivanu ideju i uvjeravanje, ja stvarno vole to što on radi, nadam se da ?e i sljede?e sezone ostati u Interu.”


U Firenci, je možda danas i trajno isklju?en san o tre?em mjestu. Evo kako Andrea Stramaccioni analizira neriješeno protiv Fiorentine: “Mislim da je tako?er Fiorentina, napravila važan korak ka ostajanju u ligi,a mi smo napravili mali korak natrag. Nije bilo lako, igrati. to protiv Fiorentine,protiv koji su AC Milan i Palermo doživjeli neugodne rezultate.Pripremili smo igru kako bi ih pobijedili, ali nismo uspjeli.Odlu?io sam na teren izvesti sve igra?e koji imaju kvalitete u jedan na jedan, i Alvarez i Zarate koji su pokušavali stvoriti nešto,tako?er zahvaljuju?i Maiconu i Nagatomu.

Forlan? Ne znam, stavio sam ga u tim jer sam mislio da je to bio pravi izbor,?ak i za dobro odra?en trening ove sedmice. On je mogao u?initi bolje, ali svi smo mogli u?initi bolje. Željeli smo imati odre?ene karakteristike, a nismo uspjeli. Maicon je odigrao veliku utakmicu,napravio je nekoliko prodora po krilu. Napravili smo to nekoliko puta, i bili smo opasni.

Tre?e mjesto? Dokle god je matemati?ki, nas ne osu?ujte, pokušat ?emo sve što je u našoj mo?i. Mi znamo da postoje mom?adi ispred nas, mi ?emo pokušati napraviti ?udo usrijedu u Udinama “.

“Šteta što nismo donjeli ku?i 3 boda – rekao je Nizozemac nakon utakmice -. Ali ja sam sretan da sam se vratio na teren. “Forza Inter, zauvijek..” Nizozemac je bio odsutran još od utakmice protiv Marseillea, 13. ožujka kada se igralo na Giuseppe Meazzi. Wesley se danas vratio, i nije pretjerano utjecao na igru.Trebat ?e mi vremena da se uigram, ali da ‘Forza Inter, zauvijek!”

Poli: "Pace and a high tempo… but in spells"

FLORENCE – After playing the full 90 minutes against Fiorentina and showing plenty of character, Andrea Poli gave his thoughts about the match, starting with some tactical considerations: "Playing with two or three in midfield doesn’t change anything. There were moments when we were able to play at pace and with a high tempo, and others when we did that less. Fiorentina put out a very defensive formation and they broke quickly. It’s not easy to play against teams like that."

On the immediate future, Poli said that "Inter are trying to attack and we want that third spot. We might play differently against Udinese because not everyone will be available but it’s up to the coach to decide."

Nagatomo: "A shame but thanks Julio Cesar"

FLORENCE – Yuto Nagatomo came out after the interval in place of Javier Zanetti and went on to impress in the second half against Fiorentina with his pace and well-timed runs. “It’s a shame we couldn’t win today because we managed to create a few chances to take the lead. It wasn’t an easy game: our opponents were well set out on the pitch. I want to congratulate Julio Cesar because even though he was the one who gave away the penalty he was still calm enough to focus and make that save that kept us in the game.”

Zanetti: "A strange game with few chances"

FLORENCE – Javier Zanetti spoke to Inter Channel after the Fiorentina game and the first concern was finding out how the captain was after being replaced at half time: “I felt a twinge at the back of my left leg,” he explained. “I had a little problem with my Achilles during the week and maybe, trying to compensate, I put a bit more weight on that area. We’ll see, I’ll have a scan and hopefully it will be alright. I’ll do everything I can to be available for Wednesday.”

The captain then commented on the match itself: “It was a strange game because there weren’t many chances for either side. It was very tight: our opponents tried to use the pace of their forwards on the break and they defended well. We managed to do a bit more in the second half but it wasn’t enough. Julio did very well to save the penalty and make sure we leave with at least a point. We came here looking for three but we didn’t manage it and now we’ll focus on Udinese. It won’t be easy to get a result at the Friuli because they are formidable at home but we’ll try.”