Maicon: "We’ve picked up important points"

UDINE – Keep on running because "until the referee blows the final whistle, we need to be careful and follow the coach’s instructions. Today we picked up important points." Maicon never stopped running against Udinese and the Nerazzurri’s important win was also in a large part down to him.

"The team reacted well," said the Brazilian defender as he spoke to Inter Channel. "Even when we fell behind we stayed compact, we did what Stramaccioni told us to, and we won. Hats off to him."

On the subject of Stramaccioni, Maicon explained, "You can already see that he’s got ideas and, as you can see on the pitch, the team’s playing well. Of course he’s young and he knows that, he still has a great deal to learn. But he’s humble, he listens, watches, studies the game and he doesn’t make big statements to the press."

Alvarez: "Confidence and morale, a great game"

UDINE – The scorer of the third goal in the Nerazzurri’s 3-1 victory, Ricky Alvarez spoke to Inter Channel after the game, beginning with his own contribution. "It was an important goal for me and the team, we deserved this win. We all played very well, we’ve rediscovered confidence and morale and we need to continue in this vein. My goal was like Milito? Diego’s got a better turn than me," smiled Alvarez.

The Argentine then spoke about his own fitness. "I’m still not 100% but my team-mates are helping me to play well, and if we keep playing like this then we’ll definitely do well. Stramaccioni has shown faith in me and I’m trying to repay that on the pitch."

Guarin: "A deserved win and we’re in there"

UDINE – "Pleased and happy" were the adjectives Fredy Guarin used to describe how he felt following the win over Udinese and his assist for Ricky Alvarez’s goal.

"I’m happy," he said as he spoke to Inter Channel. "First and foremost because the team won. We worked well this week and we deserved to win today. On a personal note, I tried to give my all from start to finish. It wasn’t easy because I didn’t have 90 minutes in my legs but I gave my all to help the team. And we were excellent on the counter. We’re pleased with the result."

Stramaccioni: "We’re in there and deserve respect"

UDINE – A first away win for Andrea Stramaccioni’s Inter, who looked to have
already won the game when the teams were named, bamboozling Udinese by naming
two attacking midfielders. "We won it over the 90 minutes," explained the
Nerazzurri coach as he spoke to Sky Sports. "It was a very tough game, it’s
never easy to play here in Udine, but Inter put in a very good performance

They went behind but once again the Nerazzurri were able to find a response.
"We’re working well, but I can only speak for myself," explained
Stramaccioni. "That’s why I got annoyed yesterday because there always
seems to be this notion that Inter are carrying this ‘original sin’. I heard things which
irritated me and I think the lads responded, especially those who had been particularly
targeted like Sneijder, Alvarez, Cambiasso and Ranocchia. I can only talk about
what’s gone on since I’ve been in charge. So I can tell you that Sneijder did
everything to come back as soon as possible, and today he was the key tactically
because by playing him in behind the striker we were able to cause Udinese
problems. It’s only right that we take responsibility when we lose, but we’re
still in it and we deserve respect."

"It’s important to try and have
quality on the pitch," continued Stramaccioni as he discussed tactical
decisions. "We tried in Florence, but something went wrong, even though
Fiorentina’s performance today might cause us to rethink our result against
them. Today’s is a victory for the all the lads because I can work out how to
best to approach a game but it doesn’t mean much unless the team help me."

The team, the squad, their desire. This was what today’s victory was built
upon. "They know better than I do, today Inter stopped talking and got a result,
we weren’t awful after Florence, nor are we world-beaters now. From tomorrow we’ll
only have Cesena on our minds, Sunday’s game will be big if we want to
qualify for the Champions League."

Speaking to Mediaset Premium, Stramaccioni went on to explain that "today’s
victory is important both in terms of the league table and the performance. Udine
is always a tough place to come to as it is, let alone when it’s a six-pointer.
Inter played as a team today and this is everyone’s victory. Yesterday I was
angry because people went over the top in their assessment of the game in
Florence, before you judge this Inter side you need to count to 100, maybe even
150. We tried to cause problems for Udinese with two attacking midfielders
getting in behind their central midfielders, it wasn’t based on their defence.
We did well and I don’t think Udinese had an off-day. It’s true that you need
to keep the past in mind, but I make decisions based on what I see and feel."

Speaking to Radio Rai and Rai Radio 2, "I don’t think there are secrets to
football, otherwise we’d all be using them. I’ve put my confidence in the team
and the players, and they’re rewarding my faith in them. The Italian league is
difficult, you can’t pick up points against everyone and there are no easy
games. I don’t think I have any secrets, I work hard in training and talk to
professionals who are also honest men."

Finally Stramaccioni reaffirmed a notion to Inter Channel. "Yesterday
they wound me up in the press conference and the lads gave the best possible
response on the pitch: we kept our mouths shut and let our football do the

Stankovic: "We suffered and gave everything"

UDINE – Dejan Stankovic was almost still out of breath as he spoke to Sky Sports about Inter’s win today over Udinese at the Stadio Friuli. He used what puff he had left to say – with the usual conviction that sets him apart from the rest – that "the little knocks at the end of the game came about because we gave it absolutely everything." 

"We knew that we wouldn’t come away with anything from Udine without having to suffer, we responded brilliantly, even after going a goal down. This was our response. We’re still in there, we’re still alive and kicking, and as the coach said we can still do it and we share his opinion. We’re playing for the shirt, for the fans and that’s why we’ll stay together till the end."

With Napoli winning and Roma losing, the fight for third place is becoming ever more intriguing. No one can yet say who will come out on top. "We won’t know until the end of the season," smiled Stankovic. "The side with the most points will secure third place but I’m happy because we’re back in the hunt and the whole team deserves the credit."

Not at all is lost and Il Drago will keep running for Inter.

Stankovic concluded by telling Inter Channel, "I try to carry out what Stramaccioni asks me to do. We prepare for games based on the opposition and that’s why the coach asked me to help out Lucio and Ranocchia. If I had been able to play a bit then that would have been great, but it was important for me to hold my position."