Orsato admits Pjanic mistake

Daniele Orsato admitted he was wrong to not show Miralem Pjanic a second yellow card during Inter-Juventus in 2018 and revealed what Cristiano Ronaldo told him when he checked his watch in Juve-Roma earlier in February.

Orsato was a guest on Italian television to debate his decisions. He had overseen Spezia-Parma during the weekend.

It was is 240th game in Serie A, even as many as Pierluigi Collina.

“The AIA President gave an excellent opportunity to us and therefore the media. The AIA backs this possibility, and that we all must make the foremost of it,” he told Novantesimo Minuto.

“This must be a chance and not an area to make controversy. Otherwise, we’ll go nowhere.

“We all make mistakes, and we’ve always admitted it. we will only improve by performing on them,” he added.

“I don’t think there are more fouls in Italy than in other countries,” Orsato, who was named best referee within the world for 2020, continued.

“I always use an equivalent style. Whether I officiate a game in Italy or Europe, i do not find much difference. i do not think that is the reason why our clubs are struggling [in European competitions].”

How do referees feel once they return home after a mistake?

“We aren’t happy and that we always watch what happened. We are the primary ones to be self-critical. we would like to enhance and that we check out mistakes quite positive things.”

Orsato was asked why he didn’t show Miralem Pjanic a second yellow card during an Inter-Juventus clash in 2018.

“It was an error . i used to be on the brink of it, and that i didn’t notice what I saw on TV. For me, it had been a typical aerial challenge. VAR couldn’t intervene,” Orsato admitted.

“VAR is useful . When referees continue the pitch, we do not believe VAR. We attempt to do our greatest , and if we make mistakes, we are lucky because we will believe VAR.

“Spezia had a goal disallowed after a VAR check yesterday. it had been ruled out for an offside that was impossible to identify live for my assistant.”

“VAR is functioning well, i do not think it can improve in any way, but if something is modified , it’ll be for the game’s good.”

Cristiano Ronaldo checked Orsato’s watch during Juventus-Roma earlier in February to form sure his shot hadn’t crossed the road .

“There wasn’t a scarcity of respect. He asked me if the ball crossed the road ,” Orsato said.

“He asked me how the system is functioning . There was nothing strange. He only wanted to understand how the watch works.

“The relationship between referees, players and coaches has improved. It’s right to possess dialogue, but a referee should be strict.”

When will women referee be appointed for Serie A and Serie B games?

“Women referee have already reached an equivalent level as men. Frappart is already at men’s level, there’s not much pyhsical gap between men and ladies referees and it won’t take long before we see a women referee in Serie A or Serie B.”

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