Nutritionist: Lukaku loved pizza with pineapple

Inter nutritionist Matteo Pincella had to wean Romelu Lukaku off bad habits after he arrived from Manchester United, including the ultimate culinary crime for Italians: pizza with pineapple.

The pair spoke on a podcast and Lukaku credited Pincella with helping him to lose around 7kg since he moved to Italy.

La Gazzetta dello Sport outlined a number of the worst habits the previous Manchester United and Everton star brought with him from the Premier League.

These include pasta with carbonara cream sauce, but also the culinary abomination that’s pizza with pineapple.

A Hawaiian pizza isn’t just considered to be off limits for athletes, but any self-respecting person living on Italian soil.

Lukaku revealed on the podcast he doesn’t have breakfast, but there’s “a juice bar” in place for the Belgian national team.

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