Mudingayi: "San Siro, what a stadium"

September 2006, AC Milan v Lazio: Gaby Mudingayi‘s
first game at the San Siro. Back then he was wearing the colours of Lazio. Sitting in the Inter Channel studio, he smiled as images of the match were shown on the screen during his interview for Prima Serata. He recalled: "That was an incredible moment, I’ll never forget it. San Siro
strikes fear into you when you go there as the opposition team.
There’s nothing quite like San Siro – it makes me proud to think
it’s my stadium now."

Mudingayi also spoke about his childhood, when he
would play football anywhere he could, and revealed: "I didn’t have
any idols as such, just lots of players I tried to copy. For example
I used to watch Makelele a lot, he was a player I liked, a real gritty character." The midfielder also discussed the beginnings of his career at Saint Gilloise, just outside Brussels, and Gent, before he made the switch to Italy. "My parents still live
in Belgium and so do my parents-in-law. It’s my homeland. I even met
my wife there, although – incredibly – she’s Italian!"

Gaby received phone calls from two of his
former team-mates, who also happen to be ex-Nerazzurri players. Marco Ferrante: "When we were at Torino together Gaby was an
up-and-coming youngster who would never let up for a second. A
thoroughbred, a ballwinner who was useful on the ball too, a genuine
all-round talent." And Ousmane Dabo: "We made for a tough pair of
customers together, me and Gaby. He’s a force of nature and he’s got all
the ability he needs to be a first-choice player at Inter."
Afterwards Mudingayi said: "They were important team-mates for me, at
Torino and Lazio. They were always there for me and helped me a lot from day one." He also shared a few memories from his time at
Bologna when another former team-mate, Francesco Antonioli, called in.

You can read the third instalment of Mudingayi’s
interview here on at 21:00, just as it’s going to air on
Inter Channel

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