Mudingayi: "I'll be back after the break"

APPIANO GENTILE – While recovering from his injury, Gaby Mudingayi spoke to
Inter Channel on his status and that of the team: “I’m better, much
better. I’ve been working out on the pitch for two weeks and it’s better to
wait until after the holiday break to return. That way I can have more time to
recover, which is the right thing, and as soon as I return I’ll be at 100%. Is
it difficult to sit out? Yes, I’ve had bad luck because I’m not one to get
injured often. I came here with a lot of desire, perhaps even too much, and I
was a bit unlucky and got injured. But it’s difficult to watch your team-mates
and not be able to help them. I think this is the most difficult thing for a

When asked about how Inter have looked lately he replied: “It’s the Inter
I expected to see, and one that has gone out on the pitch doing what the coach
asks for. One that always wants to win, since we’ve won so many matches. And
then clearly during the season there are difficult moments and games in which
you aren’t at 100%. So sometimes a loss can come. However, it’s an Inter that’s
always ready to give their all and win. How much have my team-mates helped me?
Along with the coach they’ve been supportive, telling me I’ll be back soon.
When your team-mates always ask about you it’s something positive that
really motivates you.”

Finally, on the Europa League draw that saw Inter get matched against CFR Cluj,
he stated: “We’re Inter and we have to be concerned about ourselves on the
pitch. Sure, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what the others are up
to, but what matters is stepping on the pitch prepared and trying to win. What
do I hope for in 2013? That the team continues to play like they’re playing
now, and if we were to do even better then that would be good. I hope to be
able to lend a hand as I’ve always wanted to, because since I’ve been here my
biggest desire is to be on the pitch with my team-mates and give my all when
the coach gives me the opportunity.”

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