Mudingayi: "Everyone's down to earth here"

what he wants, he’s got a clear idea in his head and he’s very good.
I’m happy to be working with a coach like him." That’s how Gaby
Mudingayi described Andrea Stramaccioni to Roberto Scarpini during
this evening’s edition of Prima Serata on Inter Channel.

The Belgian went on to talk about his team-mates, and
Antonio Cassano in particular: "From the outside, when you think
about the world-class players we have at Inter, you might expect them
to act superior but it’s not like that at all. From the moment I
arrived they’ve helped me loads. I was really surprised by the down-to-earth way they go about things and train every day. It’s a fantastic group. Cassano? A superb player, everyone knows that. And I like
him a lot as a person too. He’s someone who says things exactly as they
are. I get on really well with him."

Finally, there was a word
on the Europa League, which Mudignayi feels is important
because "a team like Inter aims to go all the way in every
competition. We’ll try to win all our games, and not only in the Europa

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