Mourinho will decide

The president has announced that Hush the press will continue.

Moratti and Josè Mourinho goes more and more in agreement. Above all after the words of this evening, in which the president of the Inter it has given demonstration, once more, than to appreciate the job certosino of its technician: “It is spoken about he like a personage, but soprattuto he is a great professional – Moratti has said during the delivery of the prize “Lorenzi d’ Argento” to Pistoia – Cure the details and is a lot pignolo”.

The conclusion nearly is discounted: “For all this creed that merits all the money of its contracted (13 million euro, ndr). They are sure that it will remain also in future, happy and Vincente, still has a contract of 3/4 years”. Vincente yes, happy a little less. Also in the last Mou days he has shown signs of intolerance towards Italy.

Like the Inter, than he does not attract the sympathies of more: “We are not antipati – Moratti has said to us – but I have noticed that lately many moralisti stretch to give us of the councils. They do not want that the Inter speaks about the wills and of it we will not speak. Hush he prints continues. To Udine we have been fantastic, creed that for the badge us is not alone the Milan but also the Rome”.

And the Champions? “Mancini in England has been Bravo to strike the Chelsea, creed that in order to pass to the turn servant makeshift that bit that our square deserves after the job of the last years”.

Last battered, the due ones, it is on Balotelli: “Not creed that Lippi has made a closing, if not has used good sense. Balotelli goes made to mature”. It removes it to Moratti from the South Africa: to enjoy it to the Inter is already a beautiful privilege.

In spite of the Victoria in week on the Chelsea, the weekend of championship it has brought back the Inter in the halo of the trepidation. And of the nervousness. The advantage on the inseguitrici is much narrow one and the contest of Udine makes much fear. Also because of the most numerous absences.

All last guilt of that match homely one with the Sampdoria, able to complicate the plans with the disqualifications of Mourinho, beyond that of Cambiasso, Muntari, Cordoba and Samuel. That which it has made more evil has been own that of Cambiasso. Moratti, reached the Pinetina in order to load the square yesterday, is a lot seccato.

The Argentine centrocampista has the clean criminal record and the last confession of Gastaldello (the doriano defender has declared not to be be assaulted from Esteban in the dressing rooms, ndr) has not modified the state of things. The disqualification has not been not reduced. That to say then of Mou? The portuguese technician, although defended to sword draft from the society, is in war with the Italy system.

The climate is not of the best ones and Moratti fears the fine escape to season. Nearly of soppiatto, in fact, has left the hunting to the successor: according to the “Gazette of the Sport” Blanc it is an interrogative point, the carisma of Benitez and Capello would be very accepts. Today, while, in park bench the vice dg Filucchi goes. Mou will have some for 3 days. And, to the Inter, they hope does not go beyond.

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