Mourinho: “Sorry for Ferrara. I do not mean the market. And Santon …”

On the eve of Parma-Inter, Mourinho spoke again of his colleagues, especially of Ferrara, relieved from office yesterday to Juve. “I’m sorry for what has happened – he said Mou, already a few days ago he had defended Mr Juve – I’m always sad when a technician is relieved as they are happy when a coach still getting back into training. Similarly, I was sorry Spalletti when he left Rome and Ranieri happy when he returned to work. I feel sorry for a coach as young as Ferrari but happy for another (Zaccheroni, ed) that stood for a while ‘. ”

Then on the game: “There Sneijder and then playing without midfielder Stankovic, unfortunately this is the rose at the moment.’ll Decide tomorrow whether or not the three points. Beware of Parma, a team that Guidolin is playing very well, but we are in a good moment and we will also do well in this tough match. We have faced AC Milan and Juventus last week, we won it is true, but fatigue is because many players will feel the same. We worked quietly, yes, but not easy because Parma is one of the pleasant surprises this season. Mentally, we think that Parma will be more difficult for Milan and Juve simply because the other two have passed away and this game is still to play. There is still so high end of the season and many points be brought into the farmhouse.

Market? Do not speak, do not comment on the issue Ledesma and the arrival of Fernandes, is not my job. The market was closed Monday but for me at this moment is closed because I want to think only of Parma. We’re missing some piece, but the company is already working well and do not want to give further comment. The absence of Eto’o? It has yet to be recovered to 100%. Can not expect to arrive and find a red carpet waiting for him, perhaps could happen to someone else but not me. With me who is not 100% does not play and he needs to recover from fatigue. At this time for an attacker to find the place holder in my team is very difficult. Begins an important month (also incorporates the Champions, ndr) but we have to face every race with ease.

Santon has played two tough matches against closest rivals difficult and I think a young man who comes from a bench that is a period of stability that is important, and this will guarantee a future owner, not because we have no other defenders on the left wing because I alternative or Muntari Zanetti, but because it gives me security.
Balotelli also did well, with some ups and downs, but has made a positive match with AC Milan I liked, with Juventus scored the winning goal. He is well, Pandev is well and has had a positive impact with his new team, Milito is good is better than Eto’o then recovered to 100% before returning to the team. “

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