Mourinho risks a new disqualification

It would be own I overwhelm if the published hypothesis stamattina from Tuttosport came taken in consideration from the federal organs. According to the Turinese daily paper, Josè Mourinho would risk a new disqualification (must still discount the last day of the post-Sampdoria) in order to have given of the directives to the square from the tribune vip, sttore from which has followed the match against the Genoa. An idea that would throw ulterior benzine on the fire if it came received and it gave life to real disciplinary provisions regarding a technician that give February end by now work in Hush and in the shadow.

The worries are born from art. the 22,7 of the Code of sport Justice: “The technicians hit from disqualification cannot carry out for all the duration of same some activity inherent to the dispute of the contests; in particular they are preclusi, in occasion of contests, the direction with every means of the square, the attendance to the same one in field and the dressing rooms, let alone the access inside of game fencing and dressing rooms”. Moreover, there is an alarming precedence: Roberto Venturato, technician of the second Cremonese in classifies in the girone To di Lega For, endorsed two weeks ago from the sport judge with an ulterior day of stop because, it was read in the decision, “state of disqualification gave to own substitute technical indications from the tribune”. The decision varrà also for Mourinho?

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