Mourinho made the same mistake as Ibra?

Inter is a club so unique that you can hardly forget. Above all, Massimo Moratti is a gentleman and a president really insuperable. Are just a few days, in fact, Jose Mourinho to regret the idyllic relationship with Moratti and immediately find the first argument with Florentino Perez, Real Madrid’s new president. In less than a month of signing with the company blanca, Jose met the first diplomatic incident with a number of merengues, accident based on statements made by Perez at the weekend in Jordan. During his trip, Florentino has ensured that Mourinho would have won many titles in its very first season at Real, which Jose convidide not at all, because the first day at Madrid has always said he needs at least a season of adjustment. Everything is reported by Don Balon, who then gives the background to the quarrel between the two: after hearing the statements of Perez, Mourinho would contact him and told him to think about monetizing to buy players, and not to speak of his ambitions triumphalist because the ‘only thing that follows is the pressure on his current players.

It does not end there: according to the newspaper always Iberian Jose Florentino would tell to keep my mouth shut from now on. “Mou not understand how the president can talk about victory even if it still has not completed a purchase from him asked,” writes Don Balon, “and if Valdano has not even sold a player who believes that JM does not serve the project.” In short, the golden age of Inter are just a beautiful memory, buying ‘drones’ too. And now who knows this affair can not affect even the purchase of Maicon. The confrontation between the presidency and coach has already started after less than a month … Good luck, Jose!

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