Moratti: "We’ll decide what to do today"

MILAN – President Massimo Moratti answered some questions put to him by journalists outside the Saras offices this morning.

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President, now that you have slept on it, can you tell us if Gian Piero Gasperini will remain at Inter?

"I don’t think so. We’ll decide what to do today but he seems to be in a very difficult situation, whichever way you look at it."

What did you like least about last night’s game?

"When you lose in such a way, there’s nothing you like."

Do you think there is a problem regarding Gasperini’s rapport with the players?

"No, I really don’t think that’s an issue."

2 thoughts on “Moratti: "We’ll decide what to do today"”

  1. Welldone sir (daddy) moratti.
    please help us we good intermilan fans to gear up the team and the confidence to face any team in the world by embarking on 4-3-1-2 in a line up as follows…….goalkeeper-julio cesar. Defender-maicon, lucio,walter samuel,zanethi. Midfielder-cambiasso,motta, sneidjer.Attacker- zarate,milito,forlan.i have no doubt in this starting xi. We will surely deliver the trophy. I’ll be happy and delighted if this formation can be favourably considered.up forza

  2. It seems to me that he did in fact want them but the negotiation oprcess turned sour after chelsea became unwilling to compromise they had a figure set in their heads that they did not wish to change thus inter left the negotiating table. Inter will buy gallas for reinforcement at the back and have already purchased milito for the midfield quaresma and mancini will do well with the pre season training and inter will look a completely different squad as the players are now accustomed to the training routine so they will be less likely to gain injuries from training. Chelsea boss ancelotti will feel the wrath after a string of bad results and will not be allowed to turn it around as he did with ac milan. he will be sacked and the chelsea merry go round will continue. No player will follow a coach to chelsea anymore as its obvious coaches are like toilet paper there

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